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The UK’s Top 5 Unhealthy Vices



People don’t always seem to see logic when it comes to their health and for a lot of us, vices are an outlet that allows us to relax and feel a bit better. However, though this may be true in some regards, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. So, let’s take a look at the top vices that are killing people.


In the UK around 33,000 people will die from alcohol-related deaths this year and though this figure is going downward, it’s a lot of people dying needlessly. Aside from this, the cost of treating alcoholism and alcohol-related problems is billions of pounds. In fact, most would say that it’s almost nigh impossible to calculate the medical cost of alcohol when you take deaths, violence, crime, and all the other areas into account. There have been figures touted in the UK that it may cost between £3Bn and £6Bn a year.


Alcohol is the favorite legal drug of the Western World; however illegal drugs are all catching up. The cost of drug addiction and its toll on society is once again hard to get an accurate figure for. In the UK the number of drug deaths has risen by over half in half a decade and it’s estimated that the cost to the nation is billions. There are all sorts of figures out there, but no matter which are accurate and which aren’t, it seems that drugs can be certainly seen as bad for the health of a nation.


Though gambling is not directly a health-related vice, it causes all sorts of stress-related issues.  The emergence of gambling on the Internet has meant it has exploded and there are supposedly over 450,000 gambling addicts in the UK according to the NHS. Gambling causes all sorts of stress-related illnesses and is also a contributor to social ills.


The UK is a place for fatties and that’s no surprise considering the weather and the fact, we love a hearty meal. However, there are all sorts of problems with being obese and as the fattest country in the EU, Britain has to change things.

We’ve seen all sorts of measures, such as taxes on sugary foods and pies and according to estimates most of the UK population will be obese by 2050 if we don’t change our ways. Currently, obesity costs around £5Bn a year for the NHS, and this is set to rise.


Cigarettes and the tobacco industry have been at the center of all sorts of ills and problems for a long time now and there have been plenty of compensation claims regarding the harm they have done. There have been all sorts of things done to prevent smoking and lower its uptake and in some ways, its worked. In 1948 around 80% of men smoked, while it’s dropped to around 20% nowadays. That said, there are all sorts of issues that remain and smoking still costs the NHS billions each year.

These are the five major health concerns the UK has of many and we can all make a change one way or another.