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Legalizing Marijuana! – The Implications



The argument for legalizing marijuana has been going around for many years. There are people that argue that it will be a lot better if it was legalized and people that argue it will be worse. Some of these viewpoints are discussed below.

Black Market

At the moment marijuana is sold on the black market illegally. If it was no longer illegal than this would disappear. This for some people is a big plus for legalizing it. However, you could argue the same thing for all drugs, even harder ones as well as weapons and things like that. It does cost time and effort to monitor the black market but it would still exist for other items anyway.


Sometimes marijuana is of poor quality, mixed with other white powders and things like that. This can be dangerous in some cases but also offers poor value for money. If the drug was legal, it could be argued that the quality could be monitored better. It is difficult to know whether this would be the case or not though. Until tested, by making it legal, it is impossible to tell.


The costs of marijuana are high because the trade is illegal and therefore dangerous. It has been argued that it will become cheaper if it is legal. This might be the case, but again, until it happens it is hard to know exactly what will happen about the cost. Economics would probably say that as demand would be likely to increase then the cost would go up not down as there would be a shorter supply.


Some people do use marijuana as a pain killer. This could be used more often and by more people if it was legal. However, there are problems with using it as well. These health problems could get worse should it be legalized as it is likely that usage would increase.

Amount of Users

It is argued that once made legal there would be more people that would use marijuana. It is a drug and not something that is completely safe. This means that there could be more health problems with people who decide to start using it because it is legal. The money saved in the policing of it may have to be spent on health care instead.


Addiction is a problem with people taking marijuana in the same way it can be for smokers or drinkers and other drug takers. It is a concern that there will be more drug addicts should it be legalized.

Leads to Harder Drug Use

One main argument against the legalization of marijuana is that people think that it can lead to the use of harder drugs. By harder drugs, they mean heroin and similar substances that cause bigger health problems.

There are many strong arguments against the legalization of marijuana and some arguments for it. Until it was actually legalized, it would be very difficult to know what the effect will be like, but there are other countries where it is legal, that could be looked at as an example.