Female Anatomy & Anatomy of Sex

By: Hey Paul Studios - CC BY 2.0

Female Anatomy & Anatomy of Sex
By: Hey Paul StudiosCC BY 2.0

Trying to understand the female anatomy can be like climbing Everest for some. I am not just talking about all you men folk out there but the very fairer sex that posses it too.

Take the case of female breasts. They are quite prominent and though seemingly straightforward, there is not much insight into their actual structure. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and so each one is unique in its appearance. So it doesn’t mean that if you have small boobs or elongated ones that they are not going to function properly.

Before puberty, there is not much difference between the breasts of a male or a female child. However, as soon as a girl starts to mature following puberty, the fat and milk glands on her chest start to accumulate and increase in size. Eventually milk ducts start forming beneath the areola going up to 15 to 20 in number. The areola is the circular patch that surrounds the actual nipple and can vary in color from light pink and brown to darker shades.

The milk glands do not become active until a girl or a woman gets pregnant. The milk actually comes out in several streams through multiple openings of the milk ducts present in each nipple and not in one single one as you might assume apparently. The nipples themselves are usually subdued or inverted in their normal state and become erect when they are stimulated while breast-feeding or during foreplay and sex. Thus they have both of a reproductive and a sexual nature and can serve to heighten your state of excitement and arousal, increasing the intensity of the female orgasm, when stroked.

Of course, the epicenter of female sexual pleasure is down there. The female genitals are just simply amazing in the way that they perform their various tasks. And no, the entire thing between a woman’s legs is not called the vagina as most people think. In fact it is just one part of the female anatomy of sex and reproduction.

The outermost one is the vulva, whose visible and slightly protruding shape is made of fatty tissue called mons. The slit itself is made up of the labia majora or the “lips” that are covered with pubic hair, on whose parting you can see the smooth, flower-petal like labia minora whose upper part form the hood of the clitoris. The clit, as it is commonly called, is basically like a male penis in all aspects except for passing out urine.

It is due to the stimulation of the clit during masturbation or sex that females become completely aroused. It is made of the same spongy tissue as the penis and becomes erect in the same manner. As most of the clitoris is embedded, only the top thimble-shaped part is exposed and serves only as a sexual organ, releasing lubricating fluid when becoming stimulated.

Yes, I do accept that beauty magazines, TV advertisements and fashion shows try to force a stereotypical image of the female anatomy which can dampen your self-esteem like it did mine. However, by finding out what works for you and how you can derive sensual pleasure from it, you can lead a very satisfied sex life and stay on cloud nine all the time.

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