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Smoking Cigarette during Pregnancy Causes Adverse Affects on the Babies



Doctors can control the health-related problems like diabetes and blood pressure through medication. However, there is no proper medicine to cure the ailment caused due to smoking habit. It is quite easy to get into this habit but tough to get over it. You need to have a strong will power to quit the habit.

This habit adversely impacts your body, which takes time to heal. The worst thing is that it adversely affects women and kids. Pregnant ladies are recommended not to smoke as it affects their unborn babies. Pregnancy can be a lot safer and the babies could be born healthier if only the pregnant smokers could stop their habit of smoking during pregnancy.

What happens when pregnant women smoke?

The cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, out of which 60 are cancer-causing chemicals. The baby’s only source of nutrients is its bloodstream. When the mother smokes during pregnancy then those toxic chemicals enter the blood and then eventually enter into the body of the child.

Among all these chemicals, there is not a single chemical that is not baleful for the baby. However, there are two compounds that are extremely toxic to the child. They are carbon monoxide and nicotine.

What happens to the health of infant babies and mothers due to smoking in pregnancy?

Infant deaths and premature delivery are some of the most common risks, which occur due to smoking these days. Babies born to non-smokers are healthier than babies born to smokers. The risk of heart diseases and other birth defects are more in babies who are born to smokers.

Smoking is no doubt very harmful to the health of the baby, but if the smoking mothers think that their body is not at harm, then they are absolutely wrong. Researchers have shown that when the mothers smoke during pregnancy or after pregnancy is more likely to suffer from SIDS, which means sudden infant death syndrome. This syndrome is a little less in those babies whose mothers quit smoking during pregnancy even if they start smoking after delivery.

Babies born to smoking mothers always weigh less, as compared to non-smokers. This habit affects their vital growth that impacts their weight. Such an issue is quite risky for newborn babies. They usually suffer from learning disorders, low IQ levels, and various behavioral problems. They might suffer from several mental disorders that might cause a serious health problem. In some cases, it might endanger their life.

Stop smoking and start caring for your baby’s life:

After the baby is born, the mother needs to breastfeed them. However, if the mother is a smoker then the toxic substances of smoke will also enter into breast milk. This is very bad and will directly impact the health of the baby. If you try to cut back on smoking then the whole problem will be solved. This will bless your child with a very peaceful and healthy life, free from any medical disorder. You need to sacrifice this habit for the sake of your kid’s life and future.

If you have tried everything to quit smoking and still nothing has worked then here is a very easy and effective solution for you. You could try an electronic cigarette which is also called an e-cigarette. It is a revolutionary product that would gradually help you to quit smoking. It works with vaporizing technology, and it is smokeless too. You can easily buy them on the net have them shipped to your home.