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Why You Should Stop Smoking Before Cigarettes Take Over Your Life



The habit of smoking has become quite prominent among youngsters, which is indeed a serious thing. As per them, through smoking, they can easily attract their partner. It is surely not a good habit, which is easy to get into but quite difficult to come over. The nicotine contents in the cigarette can fade the original color of your skin. It might make you look quite older and tired.

Peer pressure and parental example

Youngsters don’t need any specific reason to smoke, as for them it is an activity that will free them from any sort of pressure and tension. For them, smoking is the ultimate solution that will help them to come over any kind of tension and pressure. as a parent, it is quite necessary that become their friend and help them to come over the problem.

Sometimes peer pressure can force them to indulge in wrong activities that might not be good for their health. They start smoking at an early age without understanding the consequences. It damages the internal parts like the lungs, heart, respiratory system, and many others.

They get tempted to smoking at least once when they see their parents, friends, and others smoking. it is thus very important to teach them the value of health and the impacts of smoking.

Dental problem and bad breath

If you smoke too much then it will surely spoil your teeth, and after a few months, you will notice that you are having stained teeth. Teenagers who smoke also develop bad breath and numerous other problems related to dental. The risk of cavities also increases. After all, teeth form, an essential part of your body, and special care should be taken. You can avoid, stop or quit smoking if you are really concerned about your teeth.

A good smiling face easily attracts many people, but stained teeth will affect your smile. It will create a wrong impression about you and no one will be interested in becoming a friend with you. Moreover, you will observe that all those who smoke too much have a different type of body odor. This strong unbearable body odor cannot be realized by the smoker as they lose their sense of sensitivity.

The smell of the cigarette remains in clothes, hair, and skin. It does not go from the clothes fully, even after washing them. The same thing happens with the skin odor even after taking bath on a regular basis. When you smoke heavily the supply of oxygen decreases in the skin and as a result, it starts looking yellow and pale.

It is very easy to differentiate a smoker from a non-smoker. Smoking is strictly prohibited for pregnant ladies. They will have to keep themselves from harmful smoke, while they are breastfeeding their babies.

If the pregnant woman smoke the nicotine present inside the cigarette reaches the bloodstream of the baby. These toddlers have no strong immunity system, and heavy nicotine can damage their nervous system. In some cases, they might face diarrhea or vomiting. Whatever the issue might be, it can endanger their lives.

Features of E-Cig

There are several disadvantages of smoking and it differs from person to person. Smoking is such an addiction that may even lead to the death of a person. Now you will find many branded e-cigarettes in the market, which are better alternatives for all those who smoke. These cigarettes are made in different flavors and many people have started using it. The best thing is that it keeps the environment free of harmful substances, as it does not release it.