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5 Features Every Luxury Bed and Breakfast Should Provide



Bed and breakfast businesses are very popular nowadays. People love to be pampered, and who doesn’t. Stay in bed and let someone pamper you with food and other niceties is desirable. Bed and breakfast inns provide a very pleasurable experience. Some hotels offer bed and breakfast but there are complete bed and breakfast inns that provide extra services and amenities to customers than a hotel’s bed and breakfast. There are different types of bed and breakfast inns out there.

If you want to start a luxury bed and breakfast business, there are some additional features you should offer to your customers.


Similarly to a luxury hotel or housing accommodation, luxury bed and breakfast inns should incorporate a high level of comfort for the customers. Customers should feel they are living in luxury and have the level of comfort that equals staying in a luxury hotel or apartment. This means the rooms should be very spacious and offer maids and attendants who are ready to serve them when needed. Customers will not experience this type of “at your beck and call” service at any hotel. This is one of the main differences between a luxury bed and breakfast inn and a hotel. The inns should also be located in areas that provide a quiet and private environment or getaway

High quality

Another feature is access to high-end quality items. Unlike lower-priced bed and breakfast inns and hotels, customers should be privy to the best quality beds. The beds and linens should be made out of the best material. The drapes, curtains, and carpet should be plush and of the best quality. The furniture should be exquisitely made out of the top of the line material. Appliances should be the top of the line too. Whatever the newest technology is, a luxury bed and breakfast should have it. That means big-screen HDTV, remote controls, etc. The inn should also provide washer and dryers for the customers. However, the maids would be the ones taking care of the customers’ laundry.


A luxury bed and breakfast should also have access to activities the customers may want to engage in. It’s understandable that this is a place for rest and relaxation but a luxury inn offers above and beyond. So there should be a fitness gym, swimming pool, sauna, and spas accessible for the customers. The inn should have an entertainment area that allows customers access to different outdoor activities such as golf or tennis.


The quality of food and the type of food is another amenity for a high-end bed and breakfast. There should be a wide range of different types of food available. If the customer is a vegetarian, vegan food should be made available. Food should be freshly cooked, not packaged, or highly processed.


Luxury bed and breakfast inns should be a nice size. It should be much bigger than the average bed and breakfast in order to accommodate space for the customers. It should have at least two levels and multiple rooms. Small quaint inns can be luxurious, but they should provide enough space inside the inn to allow comfort.