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5 Tips to Quit Smoking and Never Go Back



Only 10% of smokers are able to quit cold turkey successfully. In fact, only 25% of smokers will quit and never start up again, no matter what type of method they use. To give yourself the best chance of quitting and improve your health, you need to follow tips that have been tried and tested. While these won’t help everyone, they will help the majority.

Want to Quit for Yourself:

There’s no point in quitting because you’ve been told to. Many hear it from their doctors or their loved ones that they should give up this addiction. The problem is that it is an addiction and if you don’t want to give up, the truth is that you will find it much harder. By wanting to quit smoking, you already give yourself a better chance. You will have more motivation to keep going, even when times are hard.

Create a Plan to Help You:

You wouldn’t start losing weight without a plan, would you? So why try to quit smoking without one? Too many people start trying to quit but don’t have an idea of how they will help themselves when it gets tough. They don’t know all the products on the market or what they will do if they start getting cravings that they really struggle to control. By creating a plan, you can sit yourself down and tell yourself you will do A and if that doesn’t work then you’ll move onto B. It stops you from reaching back for the cigarettes.

Think in a Positive Way:

Negativity isn’t going to help you quit. Tell yourself that you will do this and you’re more likely to see the success. If you start thinking negatively – maybe you’ve had a bad day and struggled to fight off the urges – and that you’ll never be able to completely quit, you’re more likely to give in to your cravings and go back to your old life. If you do start feeling negativity creep in, remind yourself why you’re doing this and the benefits that you will gain from quitting.

Have the Tools You Need to Quit:

Sticking with the analogy of losing weight, if you were trying to lose weight, you’d make sure you had everything you need in the house. You’d have the scales, the fitness DVDs, and the right food. You need the right equipment to help you quit smoking. There are many different types of products that will help you quit smoking and remain smoke-free. Research them, try the different ones out and find ones that help you the most. It doesn’t matter if you need a few or just one of them—have something that works for you.

Identify When the Cravings Start:

Know more about your cravings and why they occur. Think about the times that you feel more like needing a cigarette and the times that you can do without one. This can help you make changes to your routine or find different things to help deal with the cravings instead of giving into them.

Making a plan and getting the right tools are important to help quit smoking. Without these, you’ll find you struggle with motivation and will just go back to the bad habit and damage your health.