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Needing help using the toilet can be embarrassing to ask for. It’s hard for the patient and hard for the caregiver. Let’s make life easier for the caregiver and the patient and have a bidet toilet seat. It’s a very clean and sanitary way to get back on the path of independence.

The primary benefit of a bidet comes in the form of personal hygiene. However, this bathroom feature can also be very useful for individuals with certain disabilities. Anyone who is suffering from limited mobility can benefit from the features of a bidet. Caregivers will quickly find that the bidet restores a sense of independence to patients who were previously unable to use the bathroom by themselves. Enlisting the help of another person to use the restroom can be very embarrassing. Fortunately, the bidet can solve this problem. With the right bidet, patients will be able to go to the bathroom with no assistance.


– Clean and hygienic for the patient
– Full water pressure control for softer or harder spray
– Dryer so there is no twisting and turning involved
– Relief for patients with hemorrhoids
– ALL IMPORTANT regaining of confidence by being more independent

A bidet toilet seat is designed to cleanse the genital area after using the bathroom. Today’s bidets come with a wide range of functions for enhanced comfort and ease of use. Most attachable bidet options include settings for both posterior and feminine cleansing. The nozzles can be adjusted for a harder or softer spray, depending on the situation. The temperature is adjustable as well for comfort. Some users simply won’t feel clean without very warm water, while others may prefer a cool, refreshing bidet. Many bidet toilet seats even have a dryer so the user doesn’t have to pat off after using the toilet.

Many bidet toilet seats feature a wireless remote. This can be placed anywhere in the bathroom that’s most convenient for the user. With the wireless remote, the user no longer needs to twist around or stand up to use the bidet. Caregivers may need to help patients into the bathroom and help them transfer off of the toilet again, but the process of using the restroom and cleaning up afterward can all be done while comfortably seated on the toilet. Comfort can even be enhanced by an attachable bidet with a heated seat. The entire process of using the restroom is transformed with this device.

Caregivers may also find that the bidet provides relief from some conditions without the need for additional medication. Patients who are suffering from other ailments often have side effects such as constipation. This can be very uncomfortable. Many bidet toilet seats have a massage or pulse feature. This applies a jet of water to the anal region in small bursts. This will often help the body to produce a bowel movement. Patients who are struggling with frequent constipation will be able to treat the problem comfortably on their own with the right kind of bidet toilet seat in their home.