How Sexual Dysfunction Can Affect Women's Health

How Sexual Dysfunction Can Affect Women’s Health

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How Sexual Dysfunction Can Affect Women's Health
By: Megan Schüirmann – CC BY 2.0

For millions of women around the world, sexual dysfunction can be a major issue. It is such a big issue that there are thousands of doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and other medical professionals that are striving every day for a way to help improve sexual dysfunction in women. As far as women’s health goes, sexual dysfunction can be a devastating thing to any woman and can cause health problems beyond the bedroom. Here are several different areas where a woman’s health can suffer due to sexual dysfunction:

Anxiety And Depression Have A Low Too

For many women, having a low libido can also end up going hand in hand with anxiety and depression issues. It could be due to the lack or hormones in the body that is causing both problems at the same time, or it could be the underlying feeling that without having a healthy sex life, you aren’t truly a woman any more.

No matter the cause, medications for anxiety and depression can only make a sexual dysfunction in a woman even worse. The majority of medications that are prescribed for depression and anxiety issues can also cause other health problems such as weight gain, sexual dysfunction, lethargy, and more. Of course, it’s not just the medications that can cause problems with a woman’s health when dealing with anxiety or depression; it is the overall feeling of inadequacy that can really take a toll on your overall health.

Overly Stressed?

Along with sexual dysfunction comes the added stress that you aren’t living up to your “duties” as a wife, girlfriend, or woman. If you realize that your sex life is going downhill because you have no drive any longer, chances are that your spouse has realized it too. Feeling that your spouse thinks you no longer want them can cause undue stress in any relationship, no matter how long you two have been together.

Plus, it can also add on the stress of wondering what could be wrong with you, seeing a doctor constantly for tests and evaluations, and then the worry of not finding anything that can truly help your libido. Stress is one of the main factors in women’s health that can cause other, more serious problems, such as heart problems, weight gain, and higher cholesterol.

Missing Hormones

When your love life suffers, so do the hormones that come along with love making. When your libido isn’t working as it should then your hormones aren’t going to be either. Your love life is a way of releasing hormones throughout your body, helping with several areas of women’s health. In addition, you are now missing out on stress release as well, which can cause major problems with your hormones. Heading to the doctor for hormone replacement therapy is not only costly, but it can sometimes cause your libido to go down even further.

Maca Root May Help

No matter what type of women’s health problems you are suffering from, if your libido is suffering too, then you need to take steps to save your sex life. There is no miracle pill out from any doctor or pharmacy right now, but there is something that has been around for centuries in Peru that the native people swear by, and that is maca root. This little vegetable can easily help increase your energy as well as boost your libido and give you the feelings that you have been missing for so long. No longer do you have to suffer with sexual dysfunction, a good maca root supplement is all that you need to help boost your sex drive and your love life.

Sharon Connors is a women’s health blogger and active proponent of maca benefits for increasing libido for women.