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Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Bicycle Accident



Many people enjoy taking their bikes out for a ride. Aside from the fitness aspect, it can be a great way to see more of your local surroundings. That said it is important to pay full attention to what’s going on in front of you when riding a bike, as the potential for danger is never too far away.

For the people unlucky enough to be involved in an incident or collision it can be a nerve-racking experience. This blog post will take a look at several things that should be focused upon in the immediate aftermath of being involved in a bicycle accident.

Stay Calm

Being involved in any kind of accident is stressful enough, even more so if you happen to be on a bike at the time.

The important thing to focus on is to try to be as calm as possible. This will help you to assess the extent of any injuries that you might have picked up. Of course, this is easier said than done as adrenalin levels are likely to be sky-high at this point; however, a calmer approach will often be beneficial.

Do not be tempted to engage in unnecessary dialogue with any other parties at this stage, especially if you believe that you were not at fault. If possible try to listen carefully to what conversations are going on. You might be able to pick out sentences that include “I didn’t see them” or similar. This is likely to prove useful at a later stage, especially if you consider making a bicycle accident claim against another party.

Medical Assistance

Thanks to being in a calm state of mind you will know just whether or not you or indeed anyone else requires medical assistance. If this is the case then it is essential that an ambulance is called as soon as possible. Of course, if you are seriously injured then someone else will need to make that call for you.

You should remain in the position that you are unless of course, that puts you at greater risk of further injury. If you have a back or neck injury then it will be necessary for a bystander to divert traffic around you until the medical assistance arrives; at no point should you attempt to move in this situation.

In the event of your injuries requiring further medical attention then you should always follow the instructions of the ambulance crew. Never put your health at risk by declining a ride in the ambulance to your local hospital. You should document all of the healthcare attention that you have received, both at the roadside and at later stages.

Document Everything

Another important element in dealing with a bicycle claim is to document everything. This will not only include written events but should also feature photographic evidence of what occurred. Things to capture include:

It is sensible to date stamp all images that are taken, especially if you are keen on making a bicycle accident claim.

Seek Professional Advice

The next thing that most people will want to do is to speak to someone who is impartial to the accident. Friends and family members will tend to provide a sympathetic ear; however, they might not be best placed to offer realistic advice.

If you are looking to pursue some kind of claim against the other part then it will be essential to obtain professional advice as soon as possible. Solicitors, especially those who specialize in these types of incidents are likely to be the best bet here. Their experience and knowledge will often prove invaluable in determining exactly what options you have.