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How To Check For Injuries After A Car Accident



Car accidents are an epidemic that takes lives and causes physical injuries. Much of the time, you can prevent a car accident by driving safely, but sometimes though, even the safest driver gets into an accident. There’s always the possibility of meeting a negligent and careless driver who will be the cause of the accident.

Because there is no way to predict road accidents, it is very important then to be prepared in case you get into one. You have to be calm and alert, and you have to know what to do.  Your preparedness can help save your life and your passengers”.

Check Yourself

You should check yourself as soon as you possibly can. Move your limbs slowly and see if there are any broken bones. If there are broken bones, you will immediately feel extreme pain since any movement can aggravate the damage.

If you can’t move, then ask for help. There may be some bystanders in the area who can call 911 for you. Of note though; don’t move around too much if you have injuries. It can only worsen your injuries.

Check Your Passengers

If you can move around and you have no obvious injuries that can prevent you from getting up, then check your passengers. You need to check and see if any of them is injured, and you need to help them with their injuries.

First Aid Treatment Tips

Unfortunately, not all of us know how to do first aid treatment for common car accident injuries.  However,  you can help save a life though if you know some basic things about first aid treatment.

For example, if one of your passengers is severely injured, then don’t move him. Moving him can only worsen the injury he’s sustained. However, if the car is on fire and if the victim is in danger of smoke inhalation, then you need to carefully move him to a safer place. In moving the victim though, you should remember to keep him as still and immobile as possible, especially if you fear there are neck and back injuries. If he’s in a side-lying position and you need to turn him, then make sure that the neck and spine roll as one so as not to aggravate the spine.

For large, bleeding wounds, you need to apply pressure to the area. You can use your jacket or shirt to staunch the bleeding, and you can even use your belt as a sort of tourniquet. The important thing is that you prevent more blood loss.

Finally, you also need to cover the victim with a warm blanket or a jacket as this can help prevent shock.

If the victim is not breathing and you don’t know anything about CPR, then stay on the 911 line. The person handling your emergency call can help you administer CPR to the non-breathing victim. He’ll give you CPR steps that you can follow.

Legal Matters

Getting into a car accident is traumatic and financially draining, so you need to get in touch with the police and your insurance company immediately. The police will document the incident, and you’ll need a copy of their records when you file a claim.