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Kick The Smoking Habit With E Cigarettes



By now, everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. We have all seen the public service announcements and heard the reports on the news about the lawsuits against big tobacco companies. Yet, millions of Americans and people worldwide continue to smoke. If you are a smoker, it may be time to quit once and for all.


Smoking leads to illness, both for the smoker and for those exposed to second-hand smoke. There are over 250 harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke, and 69 of those chemicals are known carcinogens. Smoking multiplies your chances of developing several kinds of cancer, such as lung cancer, throat cancer, cervical cancer, and cancers of the esophagus, larynx, mouth, stomach, pancreas, kidney, and bladder. Smoking has also been linked to heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (also known as COPD), aortic aneurysm, strokes, and emphysema.

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Faster You Quit, Longer You’ll Live

Many smokers do not quit because they do not believe that they will be affected by these illnesses, or they think that the adverse effects are so far off into the future that they will have plenty of time to quit before they experience the damage to their health caused by smoking. However, some damage to your health is irreversible, regardless of when you quit smoking. The best way to reduce the adverse effects on your health is to quit smoking as soon as possible. You may not see the long term benefits to your health now, but you are almost guaranteed to live a longer, healthier life if you quit as soon as possible.

Health Benefits Of Quitting

When you quit smoking, you will immediately begin to notice some benefits to your health. For example, your heart rate and blood pressure are lowered, the blood starts to carry oxygen more efficiently because the levels of carbon monoxide in the blood are decreased, your lung function will improve, your immune system will be strengthened, your circulation will improve, and your senses of smell and taste will become sharper.

Many smokers try to quit but fail. This is not abnormal; it usually takes several attempts to stop before the smoker succeeds. One way to help increase your success in quitting smoking is to switch to E-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that allow you to “smoke” a mist that mimics the flavor and feeling of smoking, but without the harmful chemicals and the toxic secondhand smoke.

E-Cigarettes As An Alternative

Some critics claim that E-cigarettes are still harmful because the mist still contains nicotine, the substance that makes cigarettes addictive. Smokers can indeed purchase cartridges that contain nicotine and that nicotine is detrimental to the body. However, the smoker reduces his or her risk of developing cancer and many other deadly diseases because they are not inhaling the dangerous chemicals that are contained in traditional cigarettes. Also, cartridges are available that do not contain nicotine but merely taste like a conventional cigarette. These cartridges can be helpful for a smoker who is only mentally addicted to smoking rather than physically addicted, as well as smokers who are looking to transition to quitting smoking entirely.

In the end, the decision to quit smoking is entirely yours, and no one can make it for you. However, when you reach the point where you are ready to kick your harmful habit, electronic cigarettes can help.