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Finding The Best Electronic Cigarette That Fits Your Needs



Since 2007, e-cigarettes – also known as e-cigs – have gained much popularity in the U.S. market. Its emergence was a godsend for many, especially those who have been suffering from COPD owing to tobacco addiction. It was also introduced as a weaning method for regular smokers who want to finally cut off the bad habit.

E-cigs versus conventional cigarettes

In terms of appearance, e-cigs don’t look too different from the regular stick of cigarettes that we all have known. On the inside, however, these two are quite different as the former does not have tobacco; instead, it contains small compartments that work altogether to vaporize nicotine. E-cigarettes do not involve burning, and they also do not have tar and smoke.

Types of e-cigs

There are many types of electronic cigarettes. One of the most common is the type that resembles typical cigarettes. This type is usually offered in many variations in terms of flavors and nicotine levels and is generally sold with cartomizers.

The next type has a stronger battery life and takes the shape of a pen. They are bulkier, and the newer the model, the longer the battery life. This type also allows the users to customize the unit according to their own preferences, such as nicotine levels and flavors.

The newest type of e-cigarettes looks like a screw diver and is popular among hobbyists because of its APV (advanced personal vaporizer) feature.

Since there is enough variety to make sure you get your e-cig just as you would fancy, choosing the best electronic cigarette shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to use one that looks close enough to the real thing, then go for the first type mentioned earlier; if you are more concerned about personalizing your e-cig, then the second type should make the cut. And finally, if you are enthralled by the APV features of the last type mentioned in this article, then that should be your pick.

Another way in which users can choose the best e-cig is by its usability. There are three types at present:

1.       Disposable models that you can totally dispose of after maximum use.

–          This type is ideal for newbies who still want to try out the different kinds of e-cigarettes, or for social smokers who don’t really intend to use these contraptions for the long haul.

 2.       Rechargeable e-cigs that have replaceable cartomizers.

–            Perfect for smokers who find refilling to be a hassle. This type is usually provided in small kits, and suppliers often offer a refill subscription. Free trial kits are sometimes even given if you sign up for a year-long membership.

 3.       Refillable and rechargeable e-cigs.

–          This works great for those avid smokers who are not inconvenienced by frequent refills. If you are not really an enthused smoker, this is not advisable as it can get costly and quite a hassle to always be refilling your cig.

With the many options currently available, plus the ever-evolving technology present today, choosing the one e-cig that suits your needs and preferences best shouldn’t be so difficult, should it?