Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Chicago Train Derailment, Bridge Collapse

All cleanup efforts have been halted around the area where a train derailed and pulled a bridge down over a road in Northbrook, crushing Burton and Zorine Linder, and spilling thousands of tons of coal. The Linder’s were in the car when the train wrecked and their bodies were discovered during the cleanup.
Attorneys have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Union Pacific railroad on behalf of the Linder estate and family. They also requested cleanup work be stopped. A Cook County judge ordered an injunction that stopped all activity within 400 feet of where the Linder’s were found.
Local law enforcement officials are concerned about the possibility of others buried beneath the coal and debris.
According to NBC Chicago, the 138-car freight train derailed Wednesday afternoon as it crossed a Northbrook bridge near Willow and Shermer. The bridge collapsed under the pull of the train.
Officials with the railroad are investigating the possibility of the extreme heat causing the rails to expand, causing the train to leave the track.
Burton Linder was the founding partner of the law firm Linder & Linder, and had been practicing for more than 40 years.
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