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Tips to Help Balance your PH Naturally, and At-Home



Skip fancy pills and supplements when it comes to balancing your PH, and keep it, basic, bad pun intended. So many health issues can arise from acidity, from heartburn to dental issues, acidity can wreak havoc on your system. There are plenty of safe and natural ways to balance your PH, using ingredients that can easily be found in your kitchen. Here’s a list of common household items that can be used to restore balance in your body. You can easily test your own PH with PH testing strips, so try these remedies yourself, and find out if they really work.

Lemon Water

Lemon water, when ingested without sugar, is well known to restore balance in your system, and reduce acidity. In order to get the most out of lemons, squeeze a whole lemon either into a glass of water, or pitcher or bottle, and drink the mixture. The amount of water you add just depends on how strong your willing to drink your lemon water. If you add more water, it will take longer to drink, but have the same effect. The acidity from the lemon, reacts with your body, restoring your PH levels. One lemon and some water are all you need to restore your PH and help alleviate so many of the health issues related to acidity.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Found in most households, very affordable, and useful for a number of things, apple cider vinegar moonlights as a PH balancer. You can ingest small amounts of diluted apple cider vinegar to help ail internal problems, or even add two cups of apple cider vinegar to a bath to help acidity for external issues. Either way, you use it, apple cider vinegar is a cheap and easy way to help fix a complicated health issue.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a miracle worker when it comes to PH. A few teaspoons of baking soda added to that heartburn-inducing chili, can help some people with stomach acidity issues, enjoy foods that may otherwise be painful. Baking soda is safe to ingest in small amounts, but there is also medical grade sodium bicarbonate available for purchase. Enjoy a healthy PH balance, cheaply and easily with baking soda.

Diet High in Fiber and Low in Sugar

A steady flow of fruits and vegetables into your body helps flush out toxins with fiber and antioxidants. If you have acidity issues, and you practice a high fiber, low sugar diet, you will undoubtedly see positive results eventually. Once your PH is restored, you’re less likely to suffer from a long list of issues associated with acidity. Diet is perhaps the most important element in maintaining an optimal PH balance. So for PH balance, and so many other reasons, make sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Keeping it Basic

Many products are available for balancing PH, and for relieving symptoms associated with acidity. Once the knowledge that PH balance is all about what you put into your body is learned, it makes treating acidity much easier. Lemon water, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and a diet high in fiber and low in sugar, are all easy and inexpensive ways to balance out your PH and maintain optimal health.