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How to Properly Enjoy Whiskey



Whiskey is a very good drink, fashionable, classic, and suitable for a lot of people. James Bond, the famous British spy which is an emblem of elegance, is always caught drinking whiskey is all of his movies, which, highly contributed to the fame of this wonderful alcoholic beverage.

However, even if this drink is gaining ground and is more and more appreciated by a continuously growing number of people, not many know how to properly drink it. The problems are two, actually: how to order it and, hence, how to drink it.

How to Properly Order Whiskey

Many people still think that they could go to a bar and just simply order whiskey just like they order any other drink. But the thing is that whiskey deserves a different level of appreciation compared to other drinks, which needs to start with the way you order it.
Therefore, you can order whiskey, in general, in four ways:

• “neat” which means you receive it at room temperature and it contains no ice. The glass has to be tulip shape, as it is considered that this way you enjoy better the drink, being able to fully sense its aroma. If you get the whiskey in a different glass, then you can cut that bar off your list of “places to go to”, as the people there are definitely not professionals

• “on the rocks” is the expression that mostly means you want your whiskey with ice.

• “with water” means you get a bit of water with your whiskey; in both this case and the one with ice, you might receive your drink in a normal glass, which is not something to be upset about

• some people even order “whiskey with cola”; that is not a proper way to drink it, but, for various reasons, there are plenty of persons who like it like that

How to Properly Drink Whiskey

Now, the other controversy with whiskey is how to enjoy it; there are generally three ways to do it: neat, with ice, or with a sip of water. Everyone prefers it differently and, mostly, there is no right way that is cemented in some legal action of how to drink it; it is all up to how you like it and how you are used to drinking it.

However, when you receive whiskey, the first thing you need to do is smell it, thou not abruptly, in order to properly inhale its flavor, for about 30 minutes, if possible. Also, some experts even advise keeping your mouth open when doing that, as it enhances the experience.

Now, regarding how to drink it:

• people who enjoy it neat say that this is the best way to fill the aroma of the whiskey, as adding anything else to the drink, no matter how small quantity, can change its real aroma

• if you decide to drink it with ice, it is recommended to add no more than two cubes of ice; too much ice will ruin your drink, making it too watery and impeding you to feel some of the flavors of the drink

• adding just a sip of water is viewed by some as enhancing the real, hidden, flavor of the whiskey, the one you do not actually feel when trying the whiskey either neat or on the rocks.

No matter which way you choose to order and, therefore, enjoy your drink, always make sure that it is the right way both in accordance with the whiskey you are drinking and the way you like to enjoy it. Do not make a compromise for others, as whiskey is a great drink that deserves your full attention and appreciation.