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What Can You Do If You Hate The Way Your Nose Looks After Rhinoplasty Surgery?



There is nothing worse than finally taking off the bandages weeks after having a nose job done, only to find that you hate the results. Many people fall immediately in love with the results of their rhinoplasty surgery, but others might hate the outcome of it. Rhinoplasty procedures do not always go as planned, but you should not overreact if you aren’t happy with the immediate results of the procedure. Pause, take a deep breath and consider what your options are if you do not like the way your nose job looks.

Realize How Difficult it is To Perform a Rhinoplasty

Even for a skilled cosmetic surgeon, the nose job is still a very difficult procedure with good potential for errors or complications. The nose is a very three-dimensional part of the body, which makes it more difficult to operate on. Plus there is not a lot of extra tissue to work with, and the doctor has to make sure not to compromise the anatomy and physiology of the nose. All of these factors combined with unrealistic expectations from the patient lead to a higher than average rate of dissatisfaction for rhinoplasty procedures. You have to make sure that you listen to the doctor if he or she brings up any potential hesitations about performing the procedure.

Don’t Judge the Results too Early

The way your nose looks when you first pull off the bandages isn’t always what your nose is going to look like permanently. Many people still have residual swelling and distortion of the nose that makes it difficult to give an accurate assessment of how successful the surgery was. You might hate the results now, only to find that the problems resolve on their own once the swelling goes down. So try to resist the urge to overreact when you glance in the mirror for the first time. Take a few seconds to collect your thoughts, and realize that it can take some people up to a year to physically recover from the procedure.

Give it More Time Before Booking a Revision Surgery Appointment

There is often no alternative to taking more time to think about the results of your procedure. Though you might not want to wait six months to a year to see what your new nose really looks like, you often have no other choice. Unless there is a physical or medical problem with the results of your rhinoplasty procedure, no surgeon will perform a revised procedure while you are still healing from your first surgery. You might want to have the problem fixed right away, but it is very dangerous for a surgeon to operate while your nasal tissue is still healing.

Most surgeons will not operate someone who has had a recent nose job due to the increased potential for complications. If you get the surgical procedure without waiting for the area to heal, there is a much greater risk of less than perfect results or permanent damage to your nasal cavities.

Don’t Automatically Blame the Doctor

While it is definitely true that the surgeon is to blame for some botched nose jobs, this is not universally true. Sometimes it is just not physically possible to get the results you want without compromising your airways. You might want to immediately place the blame on the doctor, but keep in mind that there is only so much that one can do to manipulate the shape of the nose. They still have to work within the confines of the underlying structure and anatomy of the nose, so it may not be possible to get the results you want. Be realistic and count any improvement in your appearance as a success.