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Disgusting Daily Habits You May Not Have Realised Were Dangerous



We all have our habits, whether we’re aware of them or not. But do we realize though that some of these habits we think might be entirely innocent are quite dangerous to ourselves and, most importantly, to other people? Here are some of those nasty daily habits listed below.

Open-air sneezing

We have all done it, but many people do this daily. You may not think open-air sneezing can cause any harm, but it seriously can.

When you sneeze, it releases lots of viral and bacterial particles, which, if not caught in a tissue, goes into the air and affects other people. One sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air, now that’s quite a lot of germs.

A lot of these germs fly everywhere when released, especially on to other people and even onto their food.

Touching objects with your hand that you have sneezed into can also spread the viral bacteria, and nobody likes having a cold. How disgusting is it that the droplets of your sneeze can fly everywhere and make somebody else ill without you even knowing?

Top Tips

If you’re a sneezer, keep a packet of pocket tissues with you when you are out and about, they are convenient for that change of air sneeze. Always carry them with you, especially if you have a cold, as you are most likely to be sneezing everywhere.

If you don’t have time to grab a tissue when sneezing, cover it up using your hand but make sure you wash your hands straight after, this stops unpleasant germs being passed on to everybody else.

Not Washing Hands After You Have Been To The Toilet

It is something we have all been told to do since growing up; one of the first things that we are taught is to wash our hands after we have been to the toilet. Not doing this can be very harmful but not just to others; it’s also hazardous to us.

According to new research carried out by experts from the Queen Mary University of London, it has been found that fecal bacteria are present on 26% of hands in the UK. 26%?! That is still quite an astonishing amount when speaking of something that should be second nature to all of us.

What are the dangers that may arise if we don’t wash our hands? Lots of horrible illnesses can occur, there are too many of them even to name, but food poisoning is the most common. When you don’t wash your hands after the toilet and go to prepare food, you are transferring germs from the bathroom to the plate. This can harm you but also can harm others.

Imagine you’re at a restaurant and you found out that the waitress there was not washing her hands? A horrible thought, but luckily standards of cleanliness are always monitored by health and safety regulations nowadays, and many businesses hire professional cleaning services to carry out deep clean regularly.

Top Tips

The average person’s hands carry at least 3,000 different bacteria, so washing your hands after the toilet is the only way to prevent these germs from spreading.

If you are the most forgetful person in the world, put a sign in your bathroom to remind yourself.

When washing hands, make sure you wash them thoroughly; the better the washing, the more you are reducing the chance of transferring any of those nasty bathroom germs.

If you want to be a super hand cleaner, buy a little bottle of hand sanitizer that you can always have with you, so even if you shake somebody’s hand, you can still have germ free hands.