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5 Ways To Prevent Cooties From Pre-Schoolers



After I graduated from college, I taught two-year-olds for a good two or so years. It was so fun at first. I got to eat goldfish all day and play with shaving cream on a desk. We played outside in the sunshine and watched movies when it rained. I got to pin things to Pinterest during nap time and free lunches were always provided. I was loved by fourteen little ones and looked up to by my assistant teachers. But then reality set in. At random times throughout the day, all twenty-eight little eyes would well up with water at the drop of a hat.

The little mouths that were usually found smiling and laughing suddenly turned into sirens that wouldn’t shut up even if you paid them in gummy bears. And those pesky little bodies were like walking diseases. I swear to you, I was sick 90% of the time I worked at that school. Sure, people told me my immunity would build up after my first year. But it didn’t. In fact, in my second year, I’m fairly certain I was sicker. I wish I was joking. So I’m here to prevent you from getting sick in the most effective ways I know-how. Whether you work with little ones or you are just prone to getting sick, here are 5 ways to stay healthy.

1. Gurgle mouthwash.

Sure, you might do this from time to time but start to do it every night and every morning. I swear it works! Mouthwash was invented to kill bacteria in your mouth. By gurgling it, you will relieve your throat of any bad bacteria that is festering in there. My entire family went through a period of strep. I did this little trick and I didn’t even feel an inkling of a sore throat. I’m telling you, it works.

2. Airborne is the best thing ever invented.

No wonder this little medicine is so great, it was invented by a teacher! She was obviously sick of getting sick so she did something about it. This little drink will give your body a blast of vitamin C. If you start to feel even the slightest bit under the weather, load up on the airborne.

3. Wash your hands all the time.

Sure, I hate myself for it now because I am only twenty-three and my hands look like they are forty-three, but at least it prevents me from getting sick. You don’t really realize how much we touch throughout the day until you sit and think about it. Are you thinking about it? I know, it’s gross, isn’t it? So wash your hands periodically throughout the day. And when you sneeze, please for the love of God, do it in the crook of your elbow.

4. Cough it up.

My stepmom told me that if you have a nasty cough and you keep swallowing the mucus down, your cough will linger longer than it is supposed to. As gross as it is, you should cough up phlegm to get it out of your system. You might think, “Oh it’s just allergies.” But if you keep swallowing the mucus down into your throat, a virus can erupt and inevitably make you sick.

5. Don’t hold a baby with a fever.

This is mainly for those of you who work with kids. As a new teacher, I just couldn’t say “no” to a child that was so sick and sad and crying. It broke my heart! So my kids would have fevers and I would just let them sit in my lap. Don’t be stupid like me. Resist the urge to comfort them by holding them. Wait for Mom to do that.