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Five Design Ideas For Dental Office Websites



We are always told to never judge a book by its cover, but what about judging a business by its website? We’ve all experienced those hard-to-navigate sites that give you more headaches than information. Or those sites that may have great information or a great service to sell but they bore you right off the page. Well if you’re in search of a new dentist—or you want to make sure your site doesn’t fall into the above categories—here are a few private practices that have the web appeal down to a tee.

1. The Chicago Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

This site is sleek and classy with a particular appeal to older business professional adults. A great unique feature of the site is the homepage introduction in which a young woman walks out on the page and details special features that make this office special. The site also offers several customer testimonials videos. The videos are short and to the point, but still very elegantly done in keeping with the overall theme. The site has a subtle sex-appeal in both design and featured photographs that are attractive, but not distracting. It is also very straightforward and easy to navigate making for an enjoyable browsing experience for those in the market for a new dental office.

2. DJM Orthodontics

Dr. David Meyers is a car enthusiast whose website mirrors his interests and his office. The site’s home page features rustic snapshots of the inside of his office—which is probably the biggest treat. It has an old-timey feel with desks designed as classic cars, fixtures that give the effect of a 50s diner, or an old full-service gas station, treats from yesteryear running throughout. The site is simple but the design is a great way to show customers what they can look forward to during an in-office visit. The layout and design are fun and animated, but not to the extent that you might mistake it for a pediatric office. It maintains a sleek and mature look in spite of the overt fun overtone.

3. The Ivory Room

The home page to this London based dental site features a sleek, rolling photo gallery that does a quick job of telling the official story. You see images of new technology, bright photos of the office décor, and awards they have won over the years. Without clicking on a single thing you have a synopsis of what Ivory Room dentistry is all about. The colors all pop, giving a very elegant and uniform look. It has a soothing appeal and a sleek modern feel. Each page has its own unique feel and layout, but it doesn’t take away from the overall theme of the website. On every page, you get a feel of, not only the services and procedures they offer but also an idea of what an in-office visit would look and feel like.

4. Dr. Leslie Jacobs Pediatric Dentistry

This dental office is a dream come true for kids of all ages. The office is a jungle storybook that has been brought to life and the website is a full reflection of that. The site also does a great job of giving off the effect that the staff is a friendly, structured, and family-oriented team. Each staff member has an individual headshot featured on the page in which they are wearing matching purple scrubs; they look simultaneously professional and kid-friendly.  Sticking with the “down-to-earth appeal of the office, Dr. Jacobs’ photo shows off her bright purple scrubs and her black Chuck Taylor Converse.

The photo gallery has several great photos of the truly amazing jungle-themed office and special family-friendly events such as in-office face-paintings, photos of kids with animal mascots, and fun pictures of dental workshops for kids hosted at the office. For even more fun for kids, the site hosts online games with both jungle and dental themes. The site reflects the office’s attempt to get kids excited about dental appointments and overall oral health.

5. Old Oakland Dental

Although the design is very simple and the office doesn’t use any bright, flashy gimmicks to draw in a crowd, the site is both soothing and appealing. The homepage centerpiece is a brief description of their “fresh approach” to dentistry. They are pitching friendliness and a gentle touch as opposed to focusing on the specifics of dentistry—which you can easily find by the clearly coded tabs. They highlight three bullet points: your health, your comfort, and your convenience, and immediately to the left are five-star customer reviews. After spending two minutes on this site you are convinced that you, the patient, are the most important thing in the world to this practice which is both comforting and alluring.