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Tips To Help You Finally Quit Smoking For Good



Smoking is a dangerous addiction that results in severe health consequences that can range from cancers to emphysema. And while many public restrictions have been set in place, such as being unable to smoke indoors in certain states in the U.S., there are still many people that have not been able to quit the habit.

Smoking is not only detrimental to the smoker’s health, but it is also harmful to those around him or her, as secondhand smoke can cause just as much, if not more, damage than the toxins that a smoker inhales directly from the cigarette. And with so many cigarette butts being thrown out on the ground in public and into the environment, smoking is also taking its toll on ecosystems around the world. It is no wonder, therefore, that so many cigarette butts are found on beaches all over, in parks, and in other areas where people want to enjoy the natural world.

Cold Turkey

If you are ready to quit smoking, going cold turkey is always an option, but it is certainly the most difficult option, so you definitely need to have the resolve to get through the first few days of not smoking in order to begin to kick the habit. If you can hold out against the temptation to smoke, after the first few days you will find that it gets progressively easier to resist cigarettes altogether. In time, you will see that your health improves, and the people around you who don’t smoke will also appreciate the new change that you made.

Other Options

Cold turkey doesn’t work for everyone, and most people need to ease themselves into quitting smoking. Below are some tips that you can try to implement in your own life if other tactics have failed and you find yourself still spending far too much money on cigarettes.

  • Wean Yourself Off. If you can control your cravings and have enough willpower, wean yourself gently off cigarettes by smoking fewer cigarettes each week or even each day. Go with what you feel comfortable with and are actually able to achieve because if you fail, you may set yourself back by becoming frustrated with your efforts. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, for example, try to bring it down to 18, then 16, then 14, and so on. These gradual changes will hopefully not be so obvious to your body, and before you know it, you’ll be able to kick the habit completely. If it helps, set a firm date that you want to fully quit smoking by and try your best to meet it.
  • Use Nicotine Patches and Gums. Your addiction to cigarettes is due to your addiction to the nicotine within them. The problem is that, as you smoke, you are getting the nicotine mixed with a host of toxins, and the smoke itself is harmful as well. Therefore, purchasing and using nicotine patches, gums or electronic cigarettes can help you get the fix you need without needing to smoke until you wean yourself off the addiction.