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What to do when you hit a Quarter Life Crisis



Getting older isn’t unique to you; it’s something we all experience year after year. However, some people reach each milestone with dread, whereas others approach it with excitement and fulfillment. It is how we deal with getting older that makes us different.

Quarter-life crises aren’t rare, although they are lesser-known compared to the infamous midlife crisis. Most people suffer from one because they feel they should be at a point in your life they’re not at. 5 years ago (or perhaps even more) they may have pictured themselves as being married, having a family, in that dream job, or living overseas. You can’t change your past but you can take action now to transform your future to ensure you’re doing what you want to be doing.

If there are things in your life you cannot change, be it weight gain due to pregnancy, disability, or permanent health condition, just take some time to breathe and try to learn to be comfortable with yourself. Think long and hard about what it is you don’t like about yourself, try to accept the fact that you can either accept it and be happy or look at alternatives to get around it. Either learn to love yourself by accepting that you are the way you are, or look at ways you can change to become more relaxed with yourself.

If it’s a physical thing like weight gain around the tummy which will not shift, try going shopping and trying on a whole range of styles of clothing to see which suits your shape best. Make friends with others who are in the same position as you, people can feel a lot better about themselves when they discuss their worries and problems with others who may feel the same.

If it is something not physical, like your job or relationship status, look at the things you can do to make them better. Your ideal job may require a career change or further education, or you may need to learn to love yourself first before you let others into your life.

Many people stay in a dead-end job because they’re comfortable and they’re afraid to take the risk. If you want to take further education but are too afraid to leave your job to study, or simply cannot afford to take the time off of work, look at ways you can work around it. Online distance learning for instance is a great way to study whilst in a full-time job, which is brilliant if you have a family who relies on your income. Did you always want to set up your own company but regret not taking that university degree in business? Worry not because an HND business diploma is widely recognized as the equivalent of the first two years of a university degree. This means if you take one extra year of study, you can end up with a BA Honours Degree.