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Murse: The Male Nurse and His Unique Uniform



Men are becoming an increasingly large part of the nursing community. As their number grows, so too does the number of companies working to provide them with functional uniforms.

If you’re attempting to buy scrubs as a male nurse, it can be somewhat more difficult than as a woman, as manufacturers make most of their designs for females. Most male scrubs look fairly similar. Of course, this won’t be much of an issue if you’re not worried about looking like a character from a TV show. So, you’ll probably still be making most of your choices based on the comfort or durability of the clothing rather than the style.

Don’t forget the pockets. You’ll need them and the number varies greatly across different manufacturers and product lines.

Part of your uniform is your footwear and they are often sold together. As nurses tend to spend plenty of time on their feet (and taking your shoes off isn’t usually an option), you’ll want to make sure that they’re comfortable for long shifts. Be sure to replace them when they begin to wear down. After all, the job is hard enough without having to worry about the wear and tear on your feet. There are plenty of firms that make shoes just for hospital wear.

One of the biggest names in medical clothing, however, is Cherokee. Cherokee scrubs are known for their affordable prices and a wide range of styles. The firm has multiple lines of scrubs with different looks, giving them one of the largest catalogs in the market, and probably your best bet for finding the exact style you want. Cherokee scrubs also come in a variety of materials, allowing you to choose those that best match the conditions of your workplace and your personal tastes.

Barco started a line of scrubs modeled after the wardrobes of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. The line attempts to provide a more stylized look for nurses and other medical professionals. Their clothing is well-suited for many style-conscious workers, although it has (unsurprisingly, given the viewing demographics of the show it uses for inspiration) few offerings for men. Competing with Barco’s is Med Couture, another “high style” brand that markets based on its more modernized look and flexible fabrics.

Dickie’s is another popular clothier that specializes in mostly work garb, for both hospitals and other professions. Their prices are quite reasonable and the company has a fairly long-standing reputation for quality. Dickie’s garb is a fine choice if you’re okay with a straight forward, no-frills uniform that still has a dash of panache.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in making sure that your work uniform is as conducive as possible to make your day comfortable and productive.