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Why Do You Require A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?



Plastic surgery these days is not mere reconstructive surgery that comes mostly out of necessity. Finding an easy solution to beauty problems has now grown to be a big part of this sector of medical science. It is due to this reason that the other name of plastic surgery is also cosmetic surgery. Since it is not part of mainstream medical science, there are some cases where the surgeries have failed.

The biggest mistake which we do is not to go for any certified board plastic surgeon. Hence always remember that it is the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) that evaluates and provides a valid certificate for cosmetic surgery. The Failures of Cosmetic Surgery is felt in breast augmentation surgery failures which are listed below.

When does The Breast Augmentation Surgery fail?

  • The failure of the success of a breast implant surgery takes place when there is no natural feeling of the breast. In fact, loss of sensation is the biggest sign that breast augmentation surgery is a failure. With days passing by, one even feels numbness completely in the area and for those who expect to children in the future, even they cannot lactate due to this.
  • A wrong surgery may lead to a big problem of the skin which is called a hematoma. It is a big scar on the breast which is a sign that just below the skin there is internal bleeding taking place.
  • A good surgeon should always know whether the respective patient is allergic or not. Even if it is known a good surgery should include a perfect dose of anesthesia as this can induce an allergic reaction that can be even fatal.
  • The surgery fails if ruptures start taking place on the skin. The skin elasticity and tissues need to be adjusted during the surgery. In case ruptures take place, the breast implant needs to be removed which involves the pain of another surgery. It is also a sign that the implant has leaked or has ruptured inside.
  • Another big problem that happens in the case of a failed implant or a bad gel implant material is Siliconomas. There have been cases where the silicone implant has ruptured and the silicone gel has spread across the entire breast. The silicone particles form lumps all around the breast which is called silicon mass. If they cause severe pain the entire implant needs to be removed.

Other signs of a failed surgery are infection, poor and slow healing of incisions, skin wrinkles over the implant area. After conducting one breast augmentation surgery, a study shows that one out of every three women needs another surgery within ten years of the first one. Hence the right surgeon is the chief criterion.