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Five Ways to Outsmart Psychological Impotence



The brain has a funny way of molding our performance toward life and sex. The old cliché always reminds us to apply the “mind over matter” mentality. In most instances, this line of thinking has the ability to motivate us into doing better. It serves as a constant reminder that we can be the best sexual partner we can be if only we have faith in our abilities.

Sexual and erectile dysfunctions have always been the culprits of impotence but little attention has been solicited to consider that psychological impotence is also the primary sex drive killers. In this section, commonly applied methods to deal with psychological erectile dysfunctions will be discussed to assist people in their battle against performance anxieties.

Living a Healthy Life

All problems will go if we know how to bite into the bright side. Living light and avoiding toxic substances may deliver us from all emasculating conditions that result from psychological impotence.

  • Find time to relieve stress and break away from cumbersome activities. Tai-chi, yoga, and other physical fitness activities are some of the best-known remedies against multiple mental and physical illnesses.
  • Live moderately. Learn how to stay away from temptations such as drinking, tobacco smoking, and excessive drinking of coffee.
  • Masturbation gives a lot of advantages when done moderately. Do not over-masturbate. Healthy levels of substances in the body will remain if you masturbate only twice or thrice a week, other than that is very harmful.

Choose the Proper Diet

Some plants contain substances and chemicals that help eliminate psychological impotence and other anxieties in life.

  • Bananas are known to relieve stress tremendously.
  • Eat plenty of energy-giving foods to sustain your longevity in bed.
  • Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help you fight diseases and erectile dysfunctions.
  • Have an efficient supply of Zinc because it favors erections.

Male Enhancement Pills

Potent pills that can be availed in the market upon presentation of doctor’s prescription. They contain all-natural formulations that are highly beneficial for the body.

  • The pills contain Ginkgo biloba extracts that give tremendous boosts in energy.
  • Saw palmetto reduces enlargements on the prostate glands that resulted from too many sexual activities.
  • L-arginine is a good blood vessel dilator. It keeps erections longer and more possible.
  • Orchic eliminates sexual dysfunctions.

Consult a Doctor

You are not alone. If you are having a hard time in each sexual intercourse, consult a physician right away.

Keep an Open Communication

Remember that your partner is like your best friend. If you are having trouble with your sexual relationship, discuss it together. Ask your lover if she is seeing you as a sexually fulfilling comrade in bed. Keep your mind open and prepare for the results of your talks. Getting answers that deviate from your expectations should not break you. Instead, see your failure as a motivation that you have to strive better for your relationship’s sake.

By learning and following these simple tips, you will gain enough confidence in bed. Remember that you can be better in time if you just value the virtue of patience. If all problems are solved, your psychological erectile dysfunctions will all heal in time.