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Traditional Cigarette vs. E-Cigarette: What are the Main Differences?



Traditional cigarette vs. e-cigarette: what are the main differences?


Both products do contain nicotine; however, there is a critical difference between the two. Smoking a traditional cigarette means you always get the same amount of nicotine from each cigarette, and have no control over the level of nicotine you inhale. This is one of the key factors that keeps people addicted to smoking.

With an e-cigarette, people can control and reduce the level of nicotine they take in. This means that people can use e-cigarettes to wean themselves off of nicotine over a while gradually.

Harmful Chemicals

Smoking a cigarette sees the smoker inhaling tar, carbon monoxide, and it is estimated up to 200 other toxic chemicals at once.

This is in direct contrast to an e-cigarette. The only harmful “ingredient” in an e-cigarette is the nicotine; there is no tar or other chemicals to speak of.

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Smoking e-cigarettes instead of the real thing enables people to satisfy a nicotine craving still while allowing their lungs to recover from years of damage caused by the other toxins.

Impact on Others

Smoking can have significant health and social consequences, both for you and those around you. Smoking is an anti-social habit in itself and can marginalize you from those around you. Smoking around others and in your own home also increases the health risks to anyone who comes into the house as it vastly decreases the air quality.

Using e-cigarettes not only means that you can satisfy a nicotine craving without putting others at risk from passive smoking, but you can also do so indoors. As they are not harmful to others, you can smoke an electronic cigarette in the pub or restaurant, for example, which also removes part of the anti-social element from your habit.

Longer-Term Health Benefits

Smoking will, at some stage, either directly or indirectly, cause you ill health and most likely play a part in your death. While nicotine is by no means a safe chemical to continue consuming, there is a significant reduction in risk from other chemicals within cigarettes that cause cancers and other potentially fatal conditions.

As long as e-cigarettes are used as a method for the eventual long-term withdrawal from nicotine altogether, they are a highly effective technique for helping to quit smoking. E-cigarettes should never be used to complement other nicotine or tobacco consumption, and if that is the case, further medical assistance should always be sought.