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Regular Cigarettes vs. Electronic Cigarettes? An Investigation



Smoking is a hot-button issue for many Americans. As the restrictions and prices on traditional cigarettes continue to increase, many people are seeking a safer, healthier, and less expensive alternative. Electronic cigarettes offer smokers the authentic experience without the health and social pitfalls of traditional tobacco products. If you’re considering making the switch but aren’t sure if electronic cigarettes are right for you, here are a few reasons for embracing this technology is better for your health and wallet.

Your Health

Tar, acetone, ammonia, and formaldehyde are a few of the dozens of potentially dangerous substances found in traditional cigarettes. Acetone is the same chemical many women use to remove nail polish. Ammonia acts as a flavoring agent and is the same product you might use to clean a toilet or bathroom sink. Formaldehyde is an extremely dangerous and toxic substance used to preserve dead tissue.

When you inhale a traditional cigarette, you’re not only taking in these dangerous chemicals, you’re also releasing them into the air through secondhand smoke. In comparison, electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes have one chemical in common: nicotine. When you inhale an electronic cigarette, you’re only absorbing nicotine. No formaldehyde, bathroom cleaner, or nail polish remover, just nicotine.

In addition, several studies have introduced the concept of thirdhand smoke. Thirdhand smoke is the residual film found on clothing, upholstery, and other porous surfaces. According to the Mayo Clinic, this remains on your clothing, hair, and furniture for several weeks and months. Because water vapor is exhaled instead of smoke with an electronic cigarette, there’s no risk of harming yourself or the people you love through second or thirdhand smoke.

Your Appearance

There’s no getting around the fact that traditional cigarette smoke, in a word, stinks. It invades everything it touches. From your couch to fabric car seats, it’s difficult and costly to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke from any porous surface.

Traditional cigarette smoke also stains your teeth, skin, and can lead to premature aging. Conversely, water vapor released by an electronic cigarette is odorless and won’t stain your teeth, clothing, and skin. You’re able to enjoy a cigarette on the way to work without worrying about your vehicle smelling like an ashtray. Switching to electronic cigarettes means no more yellowed clothing, yellowing teeth, and discolored skin.

Your Neighbors

A noticeable social attitude shift toward cigarettes and tobacco products has occurred over the last 40 years. Remember the films and television programs produced throughout the 1950s? Many shows featured fashionable individuals puffing on endless cigarettes. Fast-forward several decades and innumerable scientific studies later, society’s views on traditional cigarettes have changed. For instance, several states have imposed strict bans on smoking cigarettes in public.

The advent of electronic cigarettes has changed many individuals’ views on smoking. Puffing on an electronic cigarette allows you to enjoy a tobacco product without harming or offending others. You’re able to smoke when and where you want without upsetting your neighbors.

Your Wallet

Depending on where you live and your brand of choice, a pack of traditional cigarettes costs anywhere from $5 to upwards of $10. If you decide to switch to electronic cigarettes, the first step is purchasing a starter kit. That will cost you anywhere from $40 to $120. The initial investment might seem steep, but in the long term, it is less expensive to purchase nicotine cartridges, especially in bulk.

For many, it’s the health benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes that is a major factor. For others, it’s the ability to save money and enjoy a cigarette where and when they please. No matter your reasoning, it’s clear replacing a traditional tobacco product with an electronic cigarette is a wise choice.