Make a Play Date: Sex Games for Couples

Make a Play Date: Sex Games for Couples

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Make a Play Date: Sex Games for Couples
By: MadEmoiselle SugarCC BY 2.0

Even the strongest relationship needs a little helping hand every now and again to stop things from going a bit stale, and that can be especially true when it comes to keeping the flame burning brightly in the bedroom.

Playing some fun and creative sex games is a great way to keep the passion at fever level and here are some ideas and games for you to consider.

Blind Man in the Buff

The effect of not being able to see whilst you are having sex will dramatically increase your level of sensitivity and psychological vulnerability, and is a powerful  aphrodisiac that could drive your man wild and greatly improve sex for both of you when you play Blind man in the buff. To play the game you will need a scarf, necktie or anything that will be suitable as a blindfold.  Blindfold your man and lead him to the bed, where you can set to work on seducing him very slowly, teasing and controlling all the moves to really build up the arousal.

Time Bomb

This is a very simple but great game; we got the idea from those lovely naughty people at, and is an excellent way of building up the foreplay to a real crescendo. The rules of the game are that you set a time limit for playing time bomb, and agree not to have any penetration until the game is over. It is an excellent way of allowing you to focus on really getting revved up for the main course and gives you the chance to be really creative and the opportunity to actually seduce each other just like you used to do, for each other, and if you set a minimum time limit of twenty minutes for the game, then you will almost certainly be ready for action when the game is up.

Spanky Panky

You have been a bad girl and you need to tell your partner all the naughty things that you did today, which might just lead to some light punishment in the form of a spanked bottom. With a riding crop to help or just bare hands if preferred, get you partner to administer some discipline whilst you kneel on the bed. Spanking feels good when it is done playfully and creates a tingly sensation that heightens your senses, leading to some really passionate sex after you have taken your punishment. You can swap things around and try some role playing to suit what turns you and your partner on, and even if you have not tried this before, give it a go and you will find that a bit of spanky panky will lead to some pretty good hanky panky.

Become a Hollywood Star

You can become the star turn on your bedroom and lead your man into all sorts of adventures if you dare to bare, and go one step beyond a Brazilian with a full on Hollywood close shave.

Shaving your pubic hair can be a real turn on for your partner and for added spice why not let him help you or watch, it is an almost guaranteed turn on for both of you and many women find that the whole area is much more sensitive without the fuzz. Why not consider preening yourself without your man knowing and then let him discover that Hollywood has come to the bedroom, it will almost certainly make him want to take a starring role in the bedroom.

Abi Sutton is a retired couples counsellor and an avid blogger. In her spare time, she enjoys sharing her relationship insights on the web. The have a range of sex toys to spice up the bedroom, visit their link for more ideas.