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Save Your Life And Say No To Drugs!



Everyday life can be a struggle and sometimes we need something to take the edge off, to help us kick back and relax. For some of us, that may be a game of golf or perhaps a few pints with our mates. You may like the idea of unwinding at the gym or even going out shopping with the girls, we are all different when it comes to our leisure time. But for some sad individuals, when life becomes too much, they turn to the world of illegal drugs. If you ever felt like taking that particular route, please read this article for some common sense advice.

Bad Bad Bad

When humans become addicted to something, they feel like they would do anything to get that feeling or object back again. You can be addicted to any number of things, chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, sport and the list goes on. With the exception of alcohol, most of those addictions are not too serious, but when you get hooked on something that can kill you, it is bad news.

Nothing good can ever come out of these substances, you may feel great when you are sky-high, but the comedown is five times as powerful.

Addiction Explained

The first time that you take a powerful drug like heroin, your body will reject it and you will probably vomit heavily. But that one time is enough for your addiction to start to develop. If you take it on a second occasion, it will be the beginning of a painful relationship between your will power and the drug. In this relationship there is only one boss, you become a servant to your own desires.

The thought of not being able to continue this relationship will be enough for you to consider anything, including theft, murder, and suicide. The dealer didn’t explain this to you when he offered you that free sample.

Dealers Are Scum

Drug dealers belong to a special group of soulless people, and these include murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. Drug dealers have only one goal in life, to get as much money from other people’s misery.

Except they don’t have enough human compassion to understand or recognize other people as anything but empty vessels. They are usually friendly gregarious people when they want something from you, but they can be as cold as ice when they have had their way with you and your finances.

Think About Your Family

If the thought of ruining your own life is not enough reason to stay away from drugs, then think about the effect that your addiction will have on your family. Your relationship will deteriorate as your mood swings increase, you will probably have to steal from them to satisfy your cravings.

When you inevitably end up in prison, you will break their hearts, especially your parents. And all the time this is going on, you are making the scumbag dealers richer and richer. They will not bother to visit you in the hospital or in prison. That dubious pleasure will be left to your once-loved family, the people whose lives you have destroyed by your selfish ways -Please just say No!