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Presenting Essential Oils



Essential oils make great gifts, especially if you’ve made a special aromatherapy blend with a loved one in mind. Presentation of homemade essential oil gifts is especially important, as not only do you not want your gift to look cheap, but you also want to ensure your gift lasts as long as possible. Here are my tips on aromatherapy gifts and how to present them:

An aromatherapy starter kit makes a great gift for the budding aromatherapist. Alternatively, select a few essential oils and present them in a wooden aromatherapy storage box. This looks smart and makes it easy for the recipient to store their oils correctly, keeping them unspoiled by sunlight and heat for as long as possible. Leave space in the box so they can add to their collection.

Get creative and make a unique fragrance with essential oils. The blending possibilities and combinations are endless, and ultimately down to taste, but I love mixing a scentless carrier oil such as Jojoba oil with a few drops of Lime, Rose, and Vetiver oil for a romantic and feminine scent. This one is great for girlfriends and mums. Male recipients may prefer more citrusy oils such as Grapefruit, or green oils like Cedarwood.  Once you’ve decided on a blend, do not let your efforts go to waste with unattractive or inappropriate packaging.  A dark glass bottle with a pipette looks nice and will ensure your blend won’t go bad. For room or linen fragrances, use a dark bottle with a spray atomizer. This kind of bottle looks great in bathroom cabinets but can be decorated with labels and stickers.

For something even more special, make a solid perfume by melting beeswax and mixing with a base product and chosen essential oils. Present in a small cosmetic jar. These make lovely gifts, but I also like to carry my own perfume blend in a jar like this when I’m traveling.

Make an uplifting aromatherapy blend for a stressed-out relative or partner. Mix Almond oil with Geranium oil, Bergamont oil, and Vetiver oil in a beaker and pour it into a dark glass bottle with a funnel. The recipient can then pour the stress-busting blend into a warm, relaxing bath or you can offer your services and massage it into their back and shoulders to relieve tension and anxiety.