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Why the Use of a Shaving Brush is Important?



Why the use of a shaving brush is important?

Why Use a Shaving Brush?

With the convenience of shaving gels and the boasted speed of multi-bladed razors, many men have forgotten the importance of using a shaving brush. Once considered a relic of old fashioned barber shops, the humble shaving brush has been rediscovered in recent years and has quickly become an essential male grooming product. A good shaving brush is an inexpensive addition to the male grooming range and can be easily used for a closer and smoother shave.

The Key to a Good Lather

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Even with expanding gels, it is difficult to get a rich, thick lather. Using just your hands and fingers to spread out gel or foam can make the lather thin and runny, as well as being messy and wasteful. With longer hair, it can even create matted clumps of hair that are hard to shave. A shaving brush is much more economical and practical. Just a small amount of soap can be worked into a vibrant and thick lather, something that cannot be achieved by just spreading on foam with your hands. A good shaving brush with fine bristles can absorb a considerable amount of water, and, when mixed with a small amount of soap, it creates a much more effective emollient. This makes even tough bristles easy to shave, with few drags or bumps.


As well as getting a consistent and effective lather, the brush also acts as an exfoliator. When brushing the lather across the face, the bristles gently remove dead skin flakes or anything else that is present on the skin. This can make the shave smoother, as it removes anything that is between the blades of the razor and the hair on the face.

Optimizing Hairs for Shaving!

The motion of the shaving brush on the face also gently lifts the hairs. As it builds lather, the brushing effect moves the hairs so that they are not only at the best possible angle for the razor to shave but also at the maximum length. This lifting effect, along with the softening that the soapy lather has created, gets a much closer shave.

There are many types of shaving brushes available. Synthetic hair brushes are the cheapest, but they do not absorb much water and lose bristles quickly. Badger hair is perhaps the most popular type of shaving brush, as the hair is particularly absorbent and soft. There are many popular brands available, such as Men-U and Tweezerman. Boar brushes are cheaper than badger hair brushes, and they are slightly stiffer, but those who thicker stubble may prefer this as it lifts even coarse facial hair.