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Beauty On A Budget



We always all want to look our best, but for ladies, keeping up with the trends and standards in hair and makeup is both time-consuming and expensive.  If you’re living on a college student budget, need to save money for a big purchase, or are just trying to reel in your spending as part of your new year’s resolution, here are some ideas that will help you save without sacrificing your look.

Mix in some less expensive make-up

If you’re a make-up lover but can’t afford the high-end department store brands right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep the looks you’ve grown to love.  If you’re a little hesitant to give up your pricey eyeliner or spend less on lipstick because you’re worried you won’t love it as much, spend some time surfing the internet.  There are plenty of ladies who blog about make-up and spend loads of time testing department store favorites against the drug store brands.  Doing a little research can take the guesswork out switching brands while saving you a ton of money.

Cut the cost of a haircut

We all love that feeling of sitting in a salon chair and being pampered by a professional, but if you’re looking to cut back on your budget, hairstyles can be a huge expense.  Instead of paying half a paycheck to have your hair cut, especially, if you’ve got a pretty straightforward hairdo, consider going to a local beauty school where you’ll pay a fraction of the price for a student to give you a trim.  Don’t worry; it’s not as frightening as it sounds!  These students are learning, but their teachers are always watching and helping them, and they’re going to be more afraid of messing up than a professional is, since their grades depend on it.

Color it yourself

Even more, than having your hair cut, getting it dyed can really run up a hefty bill at the salon.  You can still get the beautiful satin hair color that looks like it was done at a salon if you buy a good quality dye and do it at home.  If you’ve never done it before and are nervous, ask a friend to come over and help.  If you’re worried about having dye streaks down your face or all over your neck, rest assured – just rub a washcloth with some shampoo on your mistakes, and they’ll come right off.  With how much money you’ll save, you can change your hair color twice as often and still only spend a fraction of what you were before.