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5 Practical Tips For Dealing With An Addiction



Dealing with an addiction is for many people one of the hardest things that they will ever face. Depending on the severity of the issue it can take months, if not years, to kick a habit. Even then, some people are still never able to fully beat their own addictions.  Most people assume that addictions are only bad when they feature illegal drugs, smoking, drinking, or gambling. The reality is somewhat different from that and there are indeed many other forms of addiction that can cause serious issues.

Sadly family members and friends are often brought into the issues that are created by addiction. Strong, lifelong relationships can be put under immense pressure and very often break causing further problems for the addict.

This blog post will take a closer look at five practical tips that can really help deal with these tough situations.

1.      Talk to the People You Care About

Choosing to bottle up your issues isn’t normally a healthy stance to take. Very often if a problem such as an addiction stays hidden it is much easier for it to continue.

Talking to the people who are closest to you might be difficult at first; however, they are the ones that are normally the most supportive. One the addiction issue is out in the open positive steps can be taken to help change things around.

2.      Ask Them to Help and Support You

It is one thing to tell your family that you have a problem, but you should take things further and actually ask for their help. Trying to tackle addictive behavior alone is much more difficult to do than with the help of others.

It is highly likely that once you have enlisted the help of your loved ones that they will take their role seriously. In times of serious temptation, they will be the ones that can stand firm and help you stay clear of your addiction. Bringing these people in at an earlier stage is much better than trying to fight against them when the addiction is in full swing.

3.      Break Away from Existing Hangouts

During the progression of addiction, most people find that they are surrounded by others who had similar addictions or at least were tolerant of yours. Staying in these circles is of course very easy to do; however, it is likely to make kicking your habit much harder.

Change can be a very healthy thing to do when trying to kick a habit or addiction. This means making sure that you don’t have access to whatever it is you are addicted to. An example of this would be that a chain smoker should not be in a place where there are cigarettes lying around.

If in the above example, the temptation gets too great then it is better to have one of the electronic cigarette starter kits nearby rather than an actual packet of cigarettes as this is at least healthier for yourself and those around you.

4.      Join a Club or Find Something that Interests You

It might seem like a small thing, but many addictions are fuelled by an element of boredom. Being bored and sometimes lonely can play havoc on an individual’s well-being. Signing up for a class or joining a club can be a great way of getting out and about and breaking routines. This will also help you to steer clear of some of the environments that perhaps “supported” your addiction in the first place

5.       Speak to a Counsellor

For an extra level of support, it might well be sensible to speak with a professional. The important thing here is to understand that there really is no shame in admitting that you need some extra help. It is much better for this scenario than to allow your addiction to manifest further, potentially causing serious health and relationship issues along the way.