Hairrendous: Jennie Garth Pulls Extensions Out With Pliers While Everyone Else Flocks To Get Their Weave On

Women are constantly changing their hair to keep on trend with the latest style. There are no limits to what a woman will put her head through in the name of style. From dangerous chemicals to add or remove curls, to using tools much better suited for the hardware store to put in or take out hair extensions, there is no telling what some women will do. No matter how unbelievable it may seem, women and girls of all ages are testing the limits of what they will go through to look like all of the stars on the magazine covers, and they are doing it in droves.

One Star Says Goodbye to Long Locks

It almost seems like magic—one day they are at a premier sporting a flirty shoulder-length bob and just a couple short weeks later they have long locks that would rival Lady Godiva. It is not so much magic as it is a team of hairstylists available for a full-blown makeover at the drop of a hat and one star recently went for a drastic, and painful transformation. Former 90210 star, Jennie Garth has had quite a year, according to E! Online.

Following her split from 11-year hubby Peter Facinelli the bombshell dropped 30 pounds and showed off her new hot look. Recently she went through the pain of making another transformation, this time to her hair, when she and a team of two stylists went at her extensions with pliers. She was spotted in a Los Angeles salon, pliers in hand, assisting the two stylists with the painful and lengthy process of taking the extensions out of her hair—perhaps there is a killer new short haircut to follow.

One Star’s Abandoned Strands are Another Girl’s Treasure

Jennie may be quick to be rid of her extensions, but she may be the only one. Everyone wants to look like their favorite celeb and they simply do not have the time to wait for their hair to grow out, according to Dispatch. Many salons that offer services such as extensions or remi velvet weaves have seen massive increases in sales for human hair in recent years—as much as 40 percent increases each year, with some companies boasting a 70 percent growth in sales over five years. Women want the hottest looks and they want those looks to be genuine and to look real.

If you are willing to put in the potential pain, and the money, you can have one celeb’s hair and change it up again next week—thus the beauty of weaves and extensions, right Jennie?

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