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5 Everyday Products That Help Treat Urinary Incontinence



No one likes to talk about bladder control issues. It can lead to withdrawal from social activities and even delayed medical treatment for fear of embarrassment.  Urinary incontinence is a loss of bladder control that affects over 25 million adult Americans according to some estimates. The exact cause is often difficult to pinpoint as factors ranging from pregnancy to prostate cancer are all viable causes for both women and men.

Consultation with a doctor should never be delayed as treatment recommendations can be given. Fortunately, urinary incontinence is a condition that can generally be treated without surgery.

Here are five everyday products that are helpful to treat urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercisers

One effective method of treating urinary incontinence is with kegel exercisers. These are used in conjunction with physical exercises that strengthen the muscles controlling the bladder. The result is a significant improvement in being able to control urinary leakage.

Moisturizing cream

A common side effect of urinary incontinence is skin irritation in the perineal area. Using moisturizers in these areas will help to keep rashes and dry skin to a minimum. They are also useful for those with more severe cases of incontinence.

Odor eliminating sprays

The fear of smelling like urine is enough to make anyone feel embarrassed in social settings. The smell can also be rather appalling. Consider keeping odor-eliminating sprays around the house or in the office to eradicate the smell. The spray can be used on underwear, clothing, chairs, and even the bed.

Incontinence pads

Incontinence pads are discreet products that are inserted into undergarments and replaced as needed; these include an anatomical male guard liner that fits into men’s brief-type underwear with secure fit and function for male leakage.  Another choice is an underwear-type product, usually referred to as a pull-up or pull-on. There are versions that are similar to both male and female underwear and they are available in a range of absorption categories. Disposable pads are better suited for the occasional dribble while full undergarments are more ideal for continuous leakage.

Adult diapers are similar to those made for newborns and have sticky tabs on the sides; they take the place of underwear and are designed to absorb leakage.

Wipes and bags

Suffering through an incontinence incident is already a burden to deal with. Having disposable wipes and bags is particularly useful. You can never be too prepared in the event of an accident. Rinse-free washcloths should be used as the mild cleansers and skin moisturizers inside do not cause irritation.

Living with incontinence can be stressful. These items mentioned above are not permanent solutions to incontinence but they do make living with it much more bearable.