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Children and Personal Injury



Accidents cause injuries to thousands of children every year and are a substantial cause of children’s deaths. When children suffer an injury this is inevitably very traumatic for both them and their parents.

Children can be involved in accidents in a variety of settings including being injured at school, when crossing the road, or by slipping and tripping. Road accidents can occur due to the fault of the driver, another car, or the pedestrian. The Child Accident Prevention Trust has found that in 2012 the number of children killed or injured in road accidents increased from previous years.

Additionally, the vast majority of children will be involved in some sort of accident whilst at school or nursery, but obviously, the severity of these accidents will vary. Children can also suffer accidents at home and it is important that parents and guardians make their homes as safe as possible to limit the likelihood of accidents.

Moreover, the injuries that children suffer as a result of accidents will be very wide-ranging from minor cuts and bruising or minor psychological harm to extensive trauma and catastrophic injury and severe anxiety. Injuries suffered by children can have life-long implications that are not always obvious, to begin with. After an injury occurs it is important that the child is properly assessed in order to determine the extent of the injury and any psychological harm which has occurred.

Bolt Burdon Kemp are solicitors with a long history of making successful personal injury claims for children. Their specialist team can work on a no win no fee basis under BBK compensation law to make claims on behalf of children who have suffered accidents or injuries through no fault of their own. Because children are deemed not to possess the capacity to bring claims, an adult, who is usually the child’s parent, will bring a claim on their behalf.

As children may be left with physical or psychological problems in the aftermath of an injury or accident, counseling, therapy, surgery, and rehabilitation may be required. Solicitors at Bolt Burdon Kemp work with experts in the fields of medicine and psychology and they can make arrangements for children to benefit from these experts so that they can start moving forward with their lives as quickly as possible.