Varieties of Breast Augmentation

Varieties of Breast Augmentation

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Varieties of Breast AugmentationModern medical technology has opened the door on many possibilities for procedures to enlarge and enhance women’s breasts. Breast augmentation has been the number one cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States since 2006. Techniques have been developed over time to provide options for women looking for that extra boost in the bust. Whether a woman is wanting options for breast reconstruction after cancer, to correct abnormalities, or just to enhance what she already has, the technology exists to do so. While breast augmentation has been around for quite some time, not everyone knows that there are actually a variety of breast augmentation techniques that surgeons use today.

Saline and Silicone

There are two primary types of breast augmentation, synthetic implants and the transference of fat from another part of the body. The most common form of breast enlargement is certainly implants. There are two kinds of breast implants that surgeons use, the first is a silicone implant which is filled with viscous silicone gel. The second type of implant is a saline implant which is filled with sterile saline solution, which is basically salt water. In the procedure for saline implants, empty implant pockets are placed in the breast area during surgery and then filled with the solution after they are in place. This allows for smaller incisions than pre-filled implants. In the United States in the year 2010, 60% of all breast augmentations were silicone implants.

Fat Transfer

The second type of breast augmentation is what is called fat transfer or autologous fat graft mammoplasty. Fat transfer or fat graft mammoplasty uses the patients fat tissue from elsewhere on the body to increase the size of the breast. Fat transfer is considered a minimally invasive procedure as the fat is extracted and injected, and usually no cutting is involved. Using a syringe or liposuction, the surgeon harvests fat from a place on the body where there is excess, places it in the breast. The body is through to absorb as much as 90 percent of the injected fat. The best donor areas for the fat are the belly, thighs, and inner knees. Whether women are looking to kill two birds with one stone or simply want an extra cup size, they have many good options for types breast augmentation, and surely many more good options for surgeons who specialize in helping women look their very best.

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