Urgent Care Centers are Perfect for Children’s Summer Injuries

Urgent care centers are a boon for busy families all year round, but those with children are sure to appreciate them in the summertime. Although we always hope, no one in our household will have a need for urgent care; it’s great to have around when injuries or illness occurs.

Urgent Care for Minor Emergencies

Urgent care facilities were designed in a bid to reduce unnecessary usage of hospital emergency rooms. The idea is to reserve the E.R. for those who truly need it. Consumers needed another option for times when acute care was necessary, but for minor illnesses and injuries rather than serious or life-threatening ones.

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Urgent Care Facility Advantages

In addition to freeing up hospital services for more severe or even life-threatening cases, urgent care clinics offer numerous benefits to consumers. You’ll experience far less waiting time at these facilities due to lower volume and fewer intensive treatments.

Hours are much more convenient than those of a doctor’s office, and no appointment is required. Many urgent care facilities are also open until late in the evening and during the weekend.

Unlike many hospitals, these clinics are often located in residential areas. Fortunately, co-pays are generally much less expensive than those found at hospital emergency rooms.

Urgent Care Services

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Prompt care clinics are staffed to provide treatment for minor health issues such as colds, flu, fever, diarrhea, heartburn, dehydration, sore throat, stomach pain, vomiting, allergies and eye, ear and urinary tract infections. They’re also equipped to provide acute care for stomach pains, asthma and other potentially more serious health problems.

In addition to illnesses, staff at urgent care facilities can treat scrapes, cuts, sprains, breaks, burns and puncture wounds. These clinics aren’t just for emergency services, though.

Routine Medical Care

You can also visit your local urgent care clinic for routine physicals, vaccines, digital x-rays, lab tests and stitches. Even back-to-school exams can be quicker and more convenient at your local urgent care facility.

Urgent care clinics provide affordable, convenient treatment for a number of illnesses and injuries. Although designed to remove some of the burden from overwhelmed hospital ER staff, this type of clinic offers both acute and routine medical care for the entire family.

Urgent care is there when you need it for those too-common summertime accidents. Accessible and conveniently located, urgent care clinics offer quality medical services when most traditional doctors’ offices have closed for the day.

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