How To Prepare Your Skin For Summer

Summer is approaching. It is a time when people become more aware of  their looks as they prepare for holidays or just nice afternoons with their family or friends at a local beach. Here are some useful tips for preparing your skin for summer.

1. Skin exfoliation

You should regularly exfoliate your skin as long as your skin is not sensitive in order for it to expose you with a glowing, smooth and a more youthful look. Dermatologist advice is that this process be done carefully because the intention is to remove the outer skin cells layer without damaging the skin. This can be done by using polishing clothes, brushes and scrubs. There are also skin exfoliation products that can make the skin lose the outer layer and expose a new layer.

2. Remove unwanted hair

In the case of a sunny summer prediction you will have to strive to remove your body’s unwanted hair. This can be done by shaving, waxing, and use of lasers among other methods and taking care of the skin after the process to ensure that it is not exposed to elements that may result in skin irritation.

3. Use of desired foods that will prevent UV Rays from damaging your skin

You need to protect your skin from damaging sun rays. This can be done by eating well cooked tomatoes daily because they will equip your body with lycopene which is an antioxidant capable of fighting the problems that result from exposure to UV Rays which include; the skin swelling, reddening and blistering due to sunburns. You ca also use tomato sauce, Bloody Mary and grilled tomatoes as they serve the same purpose.

4. Treat acne

Regular skin exfoliation is the best way of curing acne whether on the face, back, chest or anywhere else in your body. You can also make use of some skin care products that contain salicylic acid as an ingredient as they help get rid of dead skin cells. Some products also contain micronized benzoyl peroxide that kills bacteria that cause this skin disorder. For individual with sensitive skin they should move a light wand over their skin for at least five minutes in a day as this kills bacteria that cause acne. A severe skin condition will require you to visit a dermatologist.

5. Erase cellulite

There are products that can temporarily smooth out uneven fatty tissues and undesirable dimples. These products are known to contain theophylline and caffeine that temporarily dehydrate cellulite. For a long time solution, you should regularly exercise accompanied by massage. In addition, you may consider applying a new fake tan which has come with natural colors and with a much better scent as compared to the old self tanners.

6. Feet treatment

You should consider using sandals for sometime especially if you have over the winter period stuffed your feet in boots. This can be done by using a salon pedicure for sometime. You can as well use a foot file to get rid of the thicker skin in your feet and then consider applying a rich emollient ointment and covering them in a plastic wrap and socks made of cotton. This process has to be repeated daily to achieve good results.

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