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Receiving Physical Therapy Pre And Post-Surgery



Physical therapy might be the last thing on your mind when you’re preparing for surgery. But to improve your chances of recovery post-surgery you should include some form of physical therapy. Professional athletes are a prime example of how physical therapy before and after surgery helps to speed up recovery.

Athletes are usually in top physical form before an injury occurs, and the therapy they receive, helps them to bounce back faster than most people. Pre-surgery therapy will consist of methods used to improve your baseline level of conditioning as it relates to your injury. The therapist would therefore focus on improving your full range of motion to improve the pain related to the injury, so your baseline will improve following the surgery.

Pre-surgical therapy might be advised for swelling, pain management, strengthening, range of motion, and patient training for post-surgery rehab. The methods used will be geared towards helping the patient have the best post-surgical outcome.

If you’re preparing for surgery, you should investigate your options as it relates to therapy. Arrange for in-home visits if you’re not in a position to travel. Apart from improving your post-surgery outlook, therapy taken beforehand will help you identify all the things you’ll need Once the surgery is complete. Some devices you may need to secure include canes, crutches, supportive pillows, walkers, elevated seats, and other assistive devices.

Once the surgery is complete, you’ll need to continue your therapy until you’re on the path to what’s normal again. Advantages of post-surgical physical therapy include:

Early Release From The Hospital

Some hospitals will not release a patient until they can demonstrate the ability to perform certain tasks. Have your physical therapists come in to begin therapy as early as possible to reduce the amount of time you spend at the medical institution. Make sure you check your physician before you do.

Improved Physical Well-Being

As much as you’ll hate the pressure on your body, you’ll know that you’re taking positive steps to regain your health. Apart from that, the endorphins released during the physical activity will improve your mood and will to recover.


Regain your range of motion, mobility, and strength. Physical therapy will reduce any muscle tension and strengthen your joints, so you can get back on your feet once again. You’ll look forward to your therapist’s visits when you want relief from the tightness and pains in your body.

Pain Management

Reduction in the level of post-surgical pain.

Reduced Chances Of Developing Post-Surgical Complications

Depending on the type of surgery you had, there are many complications that could develop after the surgery is complete. Post-surgery physical therapy will put you back on the road to recovery and reduce your chances of further problems.

Strengthen Your Heart

Physical therapy provides a good way for patients to recover after heart surgery. It will help you strengthen muscles in the body and heart and reduce the chances of future heart attacks.