Using Norton 360 2013 to Maintain A Computer’s Speed

One of the primary features that a person looks for when they are shopping for a new computer is speed. Customers are willing to pay extra money for better processors and more memory so that they can experience a quicker gaming, surfing, processing, and Internet experience. Not having the right type of antivirus protection can ruin these plans for two reasons and Norton 360 2013 can help customers avoid both of these problems.

The first way that having the wrong antivirus program can ruin a computer’s speed is by taking up too much of a system’s resources. Some types of antivirus products demand a large percentage of a computer’s processing speed and overload a computer’s system with pop-ups and restart requests. When a consumer uses Norton 360, they are able to avoid these problems because Norton uses intelligent detection and quiet background operation. With these tools, consumers are able to block threats without overbearing warnings in the form of pop-ups. While consumers use their computers, Norton 360 quickly scans their files and browsers for signs of malicious activities.

Another way that other antivirus programs can slow down computers is through their updates. If a consumer chooses the wrong type of antivirus program, they may be asked to download updates continually. After downloading updates, consumers are typically required to restart their system before their updates will take effect. However, consumers who use Norton enjoy the convenience of having automatic updates installed when they are not using their computer, with no rebooting required.


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