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Meth Use in Utah




Meth is the third most abused drug in Utah. It not only damages the health of the users but also destroys their families and burdens law enforcement.

Meth Use in Utah

Methamphetamine is the third most commonly abused drug in Utah, second only to alcohol and marijuana. This highly addictive drug comes with a slew of health risks that can ruin the lives of those addicted to it and affect their loved ones. Salt Lake City ranks among one of the top U.S. cities for female arrestees testing positive for meth and the problem is becoming more widespread as time goes on.

Because Utah law enforcement has been cracking down on manufacturers of methamphetamines, production has slowed somewhat, but this hasn’t lessened the problem. 95% of methamphetamines sold in the U.S. are now manufactured, transported, and sold by Mexican drug cartels who have a solid consumer base here in Utah. Interstates 15, 70, and 80, which intersect in Utah, are all major drug corridors for Mexican cartels looking to unload product. This ensures that supply is always ready to meet demand.

As meth use continues to soar in Utah, authorities find themselves completely overloaded and increasingly unable to deal with the problem. The Division of Child and Family Services also feels the th2013-03-21e weight of the meth problem because of the number of children that have to removed from the homes of addicts. They have reported that drug and alcohol use is the top reason for removing children under the age of 11 from their homes.

Although it seems like meth addiction is a problem that only affects those with sketchy backgrounds, the people who are reported as having a methamphetamine addiction in Utah come from all socioeconomic groups. Those suffering from this addiction include young teenagers, lifelong alcoholics, and middle-aged housewives. As this epidemic of addiction spreads, it seems that no neighborhood is free from methamphetamine use or its destructive effects.