How To Ensure A Restful Nights Sleep

How to ensure a restful nights sleep

A common complaint in today’s hectic world is a lack of sleep. Either that or waking up tired due to a lack of rest thanks to bad sleep. Anything from stress to posture to sleeping patterns can give you a restless night and leave you feeling tired during the waking hours. In fact, it was recently suggested that a good night’s sleep can save your marriage.

With this in mind, it’s time to start improving sleep. The key comes to the way that you live on a daily basis. Take a look at these tips to ensure you get restful sleep in the future.

  • Mattress and bedding – There are many possible options for bad sleep but external factors tend to be a bigger problem than we think. You need comfortable bedding with a hard but forgiving mattress while also sleeping on your non-dominant side. This will give you a comfortable spot to sleep while getting optimum support.
  • Nap – Some say it’s lazy others believe it’s a daily necessity. Whichever camp you are in, you should know that the afternoon is ideal for a relaxed break. Lie or sit in a quiet spot for 15-30 minutes to get a boost.
  • Go to sleep ahead of time – Try not to get to the point where you’re falling asleep immediately after you hit the pillow. According to experts, this is actually counter-productive and you’re missing out on stages you need to pass.
  • Diet – What you eat and drink is often in the news, and when it comes to sleeping you have to be eating and drinking well. Cut out the bedtime snacks, eat a few hours before bed and try not to drink an hour before sleep. And, don’t take water to bed; it might be a reason you wake up at night.
  • Relaxing – It’s imperative that you unwind at the end of the day. Do this by taking a stroll, doing some gentle exercise and sitting quietly thinking about your day and what to do tomorrow. De-clutter your brain by writing a “to do” list – this is believed to double the use of deep sleep. Completely unwind around an hour and a half before bed. Prepare yourself with a bit of you time and you will enjoy lower stress levels.
  • Think about your surroundings – Make your bedroom a haven, somewhere you look forward to going. Keep the colours neutral and electronics to a minimum. An alarm clock should be your alarm, not a phone and you will find that blackout curtains are well worth the money when it comes to feeling a million dollars in the morning.

These things will all help you achieve optimum sleep. Additional suggestions include spending longer outside, waking up at the same time every day, reducing time spent on electronics and a cool bedroom. Relaxation is your goal and this will lead to good sleep so try to clear your mind, unwind and get comfortable.

Felicity has spent years struggling with lack of sleep and has found that a good pair of black-out curtians and a healthy diet and exercise regime has done wonders.

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