5 Tips for Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Ever fancied trying coloured contact lenses to make your eyes stand out more, or just enhance your natural colour? If you want to improve on Mother Nature’s handiwork, these five tips will help you choose the coloured lenses to get the effect you’re looking for.

1.Think about the look you want

The look you want to achieve is the first thing to consider when choosing your coloured contacts. Are you going for an understated look or something more daring and noticeable? Do you want your eye colour to look natural or are you looking for a colour that will stand out and look striking?

2.Choose the right colour for your skin, eye and hair colour

Skin tone and eye colour can make all the difference to your choice of lenses. If you’re going for a subtle change and you have light eyes, hair and skin, you probably want to avoid darker contact lenses, since they will look even darker in contrast. It works the other way round too – if you buy very pale lenses, it may be hard to see the difference if you have dark eyes, skin and hair.

3.Get the right type

There are three main varieties of coloured contacts, each with their own purpose and function.  Each type is more suited to creating certain effects and less suited to others.

  • Visibility or handling lenses are very slightly tinted to make them easier to apply. They won’t alter the colour of your eye, but they should make putting your contacts in less time consuming!
  • Enhancement or translucent lenses are intended to alter the natural colour of your eyes without completely changing them. These are great if you want to go from a pale colour to a darker or more vibrant shade. In the same way that light hair dyes are less effective on dark hair, these lighter contacts don’t show up as prominently on dark eyes.
  • Opaque Tint lenses are the best choice if you have dark eyes, or if you’re trying to achieve a really noticeable change in your eye colour. They vary from natural colours like dark blue and brown, to really daring shades such as violet and bright green. If you’re looking for lenses for a special occasion, or to compliment a fancy dress outfit, these are the ones for you.

4.Get your coloured lenses fitted and supplied by an optician

If you want to make sure your lenses look right and fit your eyes correctly, it’s important to get them fitted by an optician, such as Specsavers. This ensures that they will be the correct prescription for your eyes, as well as making sure they look fantastic. An optician will also be able to provide you with cleaning products and guidance when you need it.

5.Take care of your lenses

Once you’ve purchased your coloured lenses, you need to make sure you take care of them properly. Just like all contact lenses, they will be spending a lot of time in contact with your eyes, so it’s important to keep them free of harmful bacteria.

There’s a few ways you can avoid this – it’s likely your friends will want to try out your coloured contacts when they seem them on you, but don’t let them! Bacteria can spread from their eyes to yours all too easily.

Make sure you clean and disinfect your lenses regularly and keep them in an appropriate container when you aren’t wearing them. Not following these simple rules could lead to problems like red eyes and irritation, or in extreme cases even losing your eyesight completely.

If you do follow these simple steps though, you’ll have a perfect pair of coloured lenses that ensure your eyes look exactly how you want them to.

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