It’s All in Your Head: Unleashing the Power of Mnemonics

To enhance your personal relationships, career and your daily life activities, you should learn the mnemonic memory aids. It is natural with increasing age, we start forgetting many things, occasions and moments. Sometimes, we forget the name of person, birthday, or anniversary. Such memory slipping is very common in many people. But, if you practice the mnemonic memory aids, you can improve your memory and save yourself from any kind of embarrassment.

The mnemonic memory aids are basically mental tricks that help you to train your brain in such a way to enhance your memory to remember the things. These memory aids are utilized by professionals, business owners, students, teachers, politicians and other people. It is in use for hundreds of years and people are benefiting in third daily life activities. People utilizing these aids can’t forget any name, moment, situation, and any contract.

According to research, memory aids does not only help you to enhance the relationships or career but also help you to activate your mind and body.

Principles of mnemonic


This principle is a kind of glue between the makes the mnemonics more strong. It emphasizes the fact that more clear images will have a deeper impact on your memory. Therefore, you should engage your mind to have a more vibrant image.


This principle helps you store information in your mind. You can also recall information easily under this principle. It is also called internal filling that keeps your mnemonics more systematic and managed.


These are the links that help you to tie the mnemonics elements. Associations can be of three kinds such as thematic, spatial or relational.

How to Let Mnemonics work

Well, in order to make them work, first you have to create something that you can remember. For example, you can remember some of your friend’s birthday party. Create a full imaginations picture and link it strongly with your memory. Create it using all of your senses. Using five senses to remember the scene will let you embed in your memory more deeply.

How Mnemonics Work

Here are some tips to make mnemonics work for you.

Make use of the Senses and Mind

Use all of your five senses like smell, taste, sound, feelings, and texture and try to create a stronger image.

Make use of symbols

Make use of symbols such as arrows, signs, colors and pointing with fingers to get the most difficult images.

Make use of pleasing Images

Make use of the pleasing images as they are easy to remember as compared to the dull and unpleasing.

Crystal is a Nutritionist who loves to blog on Diet and Nutrition in her free time.  She also follows research and contribution by Robert Mericle in Neurology.

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