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Electronic Cigarettes – Are They Harmful or Not?



So far the jury is mainly still out on whether electronic cigarettes have an adverse health effect associated with them. Since E-cigs have only been around since 2003, there is no extensive research to prove either yes or no. One thing is almost entirely certain, the electronic version of a stogie has to be better for a person than its tobacco filled counterpart. Since electronic cigarettes emit vapor instead of a smoke, it would be likely that they’re much safer to people surrounding the E-smoker, who won’t be exposed to deadly second-hand smoke.

What Makes Tobacco Cigarettes Harmful

When a tobacco cigarette is lit, it produces dozens of different carcinogen chemicals that have adverse effects on the lungs, teeth, throat, and skin. Since an electronic cigarette uses a vapor instead of carbon monoxide, proponents say that lung cancer and other health effects are almost a nonexistent threat. Another undesirable side effect of tobacco cigarettes is yellow teeth and skin discoloration from constant exposure to smoke and toxins. An e-cigarette has a protective outer shell that doesn’t expose the fingers to any harmful components and once again a vapor is produced instead of smoke.

Why E-Cigarettes Are Not Harmful

The components used in an electronic cigarette are the same ingredients found in basic household items. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycol are two of the main ingredients in e-cigarettes which are also approved by the FDA. That being said, electronic smokes themselves are not regulated and a manufacturer doesn’t have to list the ingredients in their electronic cigarettes. In fact, some e-cigarette manufacturers are starting to look at organic ways to make their products and including all-natural flavors and juices.

Another way that e-cigs are less harmful than tobacco products is the lessened damage to the lungs. Many pack-a-day smokers report increased physical stamina and endurance after switching to an e-cigarette. This could essentially have a better effect on a person’s life all around from increased work productivity at a physically demanding job or the ability to lose weight by joining a recreational basketball league.

Perhaps the best way that e-cigarettes are not as harmful is that they really do enable a person to stop smoking. By emulating the smoking experience with the look, feel, smell, and even crackling noises people are able to get their fix without switching back to the tobacco product. People crave a cigarette when they are in social settings or after a meal and an e-cigarette proves an alternative to help even 30-year smokers a serious chance at quitting.

Could E-Cigarettes Be Harmful?

As stated, there is a limited knowledge base to determine whether or not e-cigarettes have long-lasting ill effects. One of the main reasons that electronic devices help curb a person of smoking tobacco cigarettes is their nicotine content, which is an addicting component and lethal in insanely large doses.

Another way that e-cigs could do harm is if they’re marketed to people who are not smokers presently. There may be some misconceptions that electronic cigarettes are completely harmless the various artificial flavors might make them look ‘cool’ which could lead to a non-smoker ‘giving them a shot.’. That being said, e-cigarettes are not being marketed to children like some web sites proclaim and a person must be 18 years old to buy them.

In the end, if a person was choosing between smoking electronic cigarettes or nothing at all, the best choice would be to abstain from all smoke. That being said, as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, the electronic counterparts are a much cheaper and so far much healthier option.