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Juicing Your Way To A Six Pack



The six-pack is the male ideal of the perfect body.  A low-fat percentage around the stomach that exhibits the abdominal area is what many men strive for, and many women like to see in their men.  Women too are being encouraged to achieve this physical ideal as women like Jessica Ennis have had an effect due to their success in the Olympic Games in Britain this year.

How to achieve this physical feat appears to be something that is beyond many who have tried and failed.  Many believe that doing endless sit-ups is the key to showcasing the perfect beach body, while others believe that running endless miles will unearth their strong stomach.  Juicing however can provide a key component to the formula.

Burn More than You Consume

While both of these methods will eventually result in a six-pack, they are by no way the most effective method of achieving the goal.  Sit-ups will improve your stomach muscles, but while they remain hidden behind fat, they will not be seen by anyone.  Cutting body fat is key, and there is a simple rule for cutting body fat, burn more calories than you consume.

To burn one pound of fat you need to burn 3500 calories.  Considering that an average adult male is recommended to consume 2500 in a day, and it takes around 45 minutes at a reasonable pace on the treadmill to burn 500 calories at most, you can see that this is a long term process.

You are What You Eat

If you do exercise regularly, but eat to make up for it, doing a 45-minute run and burning 500 calories but then eating 3000 calories per day, you will get fitter, but you won’t make any six-pack shaped impressions on your stomach.  A hormone called cortisol will also negate some of the calorie-cutting effects of running, as the body reacts to the intense amount of exercise by trying to retain fat in case the exercise never ends.

Take the example of Eddie Izzard.  He ran 43 marathons back to back.  While he looks in much better shape, he doesn’t have a six-pack.  While he is presumably tremendously fit if he wanted to ensure he completed the challenge he had to consume huge amounts of calories.  If he wanted to gain a six-pack, he may have managed it by marathon 30 but failed to run the next 13 races by not eating as much.


Consuming drinks of juiced vegetables and fruit can be a very effective method of obtaining a six-pack.  Juice drinks contain very little fat and calories and will help sustain the low-calorie diet needed to cut fat and obtain a six-pack.  Furthermore, consuming large quantities of juice will fill up your stomach, which will help stave off hunger and cravings for other food.

Many juice concoctions with high levels of fruit content will also contain a lot of sugar, which will offer a short term boost which can help with exercise.  You can also mix in exercise supplements such as protein powder to your juicing diet, as you will need protein when exercising to help increase the size of your ab muscles so when you cut down on fat enough, the defined abs will shine through.