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How To Select A Personal Trainer



Choosing a good trainer has many benefits such as helping people reach their health and fitness goals, deal with pain, physiotherapy, and many other important aspects of personal health. But choosing the wrong one could be a waste of money, especially if you have a specific goal in mind. So how do you go about finding a trainer that is suited to your needs? First, it is important that you take a systematic approach to choose a trainer and while there are many things you may want in a trainer, this post will address the top five aspects that you should evaluate before choosing one.

1. Evaluate The Credentials Of The Trainer:

Since being a trainer does not require people to be licensed, there are many unqualified trainers around. However, there are certification courses that personal trainers can obtain to ensure that they have a basic understanding of exercise, stretching, and nutrition.

Make sure your trainer is part of a registered body such as Fitness Australia or Kinnect this enables them to practice as a trainer and also for insurance purposes. Additionally, make sure at a minimum they have a ‘Certificate IV’ in Fitness training.

2. Find A Trainer With A Physique That You Admire:

You should beware of a trainer who is overweight or unfit, as this individual may not be a positive fitness role model. Working with a trainer that has achieved an enviable physique will help keep you motivated. All in all, your trainer should be like a fitness role model and a positive source of inspiration.

3. Find A Trainer That Has A Personality You Enjoy:

Even the fittest and well-educated trainer should possess more than book knowledge; they should be an effective communicator. After all, communication is the only way that they will be able to impart any physical-fitness benefits to you. Since you will be working with your trainer for an extended period of time, make sure that they have a great personality. A good trainer should also know what motivates you and when to be persuasive or compassionate.

4. Evaluate Several References From The Trainer:

Any reputable trainer should have several clients who will verify their competence as a fitness professional. Ask the opinion of a couple of clients that have similar fitness goals and are around your age.

5. Evaluate The Fee Structure Of The Trainer:

Fees can vary a great deal with trainers so choose wisely. Trainers can charge anywhere between thirty-five dollars an hour to one hundred and fifty dollars an hour. Don’t think that just because a trainer is cheap you are getting a deal because they may not be worth their rate. Conversely, don’t fall into the trap of thinking because a trainer charges a hefty fee, they have some sort of magic formula for success.
In the end, it will be a combination of testimonials from other clients, your personal experience with the trainer, and whether or not you feel you are getting value out of the training.