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3 Fitness Facts Misunderstood by Trainers and the Clients



3 fitness facts misunderstood by trainers and the clients

Hello, exercisers and fitness professionals! I’m Warren Martin, Best Selling Fitness Author with over 12 years of experience and still searching to learn more about fitness. Also, I’m an MMA Strength Coach, hold all NASMs specializations, and featured in a series of Women’s fitness books. My biggest passion is helping with the youth obesity issues we are facing in the US. It is vital to educate the adults with the facts than fill them with Bull, so as a whole, we can teach our kids the truth. I have a question for you. Have you ever been or felt like you hit a PLATEAU?

Are you guilty of lowering your expectations of what goals you can reach? Are you continually searching for “what works” “the solution” and think you found it, but then the same story happens…. PLATEAUS, PLATEAUS, PLATEAUS!

The methods of Warren Martin Fitness Programs are continually developing every day, week, and year. I do not know everything in fitness, so I educate myself every day of the year. Yes, that’s right, there is that much info out there in the science world that keeps evolving daily. It takes an extraordinary amount of effort, but I’m a geek in that aspect. Haha. The goal is to get this info out to you before the media distorts the truth.

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Even all the trainers that I help with career development have to implement extremely high levels of continual education and learn all the myths and misconceptions that cause failures in people’s fitness goals.

Here is a secret of mine…. If you stick with good foundational science, then you can never go wrong. In my 12 years of professional fitness, I’ve not seen one person prove real science wrong! Here are three facts that are important to know in you reaching your goals:

1) You cannot spot reduce or spot reshape! The truth is you can only lose fat in a predetermined pattern that your mom and dad passed on to you. Imagine, we look like our parents? Many times we think we have more muscle and less fat than what is there. The reason it feels like an area gets leaner, and another area didn’t change is because you did not look at the ratios of change in those areas. This is a MUST! For example, if you measure the thickness of the skin fold at your shoulder. Let’s say it is 15mm, and the measurement of your love handle area is 60mm.

This is a ratio of 4 to 1; 2-3mm is exceptionally lean, so losing 12mm would put your shoulder area looking shredded; you would see muscle striations (muscle fibers). Now let us say you doubled the loss in the love handle area at 24mm, which would leave your love handles at 36mm. You would still have a ways to go before that area would be anywhere comparable to the shoulder area.

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So don’t get discouraged because the thickest area of fat doesn’t lean out as fast as thinner areas. This is Reality!

Remember to get to the level of the pros. It takes time. It is almost an insult to them for anyone to assume that it happens quickly because they have put so much time into their health.

2) Doing more cardio each week will make you lose pounds and pounds of extra weight. How much more cardio does it take to lose one extra pound of fat a week? Before I tell you, real quick, I want you to think of what you try to do to lose a pound. Ok! Ready for the answer. It is for 6-10 hours!! The reason for this is because 1 pound equals 3500 calories, and 350 calories equal 30 to 60 minutes of cardio on average. So if you overeat, then you better get on that cardio!

Use cardio for improving the health of your cardiovascular system. This will also improve your quality of life because walking upstairs becomes more comfortable, and you might extend your life for a few years and enjoy your family longer, and they appreciate you longer as well. When you use these as your drive to do cardio, then it becomes more of something you want to do long term. And the bonus will be extra calorie burning that will help you towards the fat loss goal!

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3) High reps, when lifting weights get rid of fat better than lower reps? I’m going to answer this one with a big…NO! The number of reps is not the focus when it has to do with calorie burning. The two things that matter the most are 1) Time Under Tension and 2) Rest Between Sets. When it comes to burning calories, these two factors will determine the amount you consume. Look at it this way, if you work out for 30 minutes and each set, you do 20 reps, but it takes 40 seconds to finish the set (tempo 1-0-1); you rest on the average 90 seconds between each set. The total time of actual work is only 9.23 minutes.

Now say we do eight reps only, and each set is 64 seconds long (tempo 4-2-2); you rest 30 seconds between each set. The total time of actual work is 20.4 minutes. Enough said, right? Not only are you more than doubling your workout time, but your heart rate will be higher throughout the workout, which will burn more calories. Wait, I am not done yet. The heavier weights and lower reps also stimulate more of the fat-burning hormones.

Also, intense bouts of exercise trigger a response in the body that elevates your metabolism for up to 48 hours, EPOC, excess post oxygen consumption. Your body increases oxygen utilization during EPOC to restore the body to pre-exercise levels. The number of reps is not the magic bullet in fat loss, but understanding and applying what will cause EPOC will assist you in maximizing your results.

Many other FACTS are either never mentioned in the media or made into an entity that is far from the truth. I hope these FACTS help you out by preventing frustrations and wasting your time on something that would never get you to your goal in the first place. My new Fitness Product, Breaking Through Fitness Misconceptions, goes over the FACTS on nutrition, exercise, trainers, targets, etc. Check it out HERE. As you can see, here are a few of Warren Martin Fitness’s clients that show what proper nutrition and exercise can do no matter your beginning level of fitness.