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Sometimes, Fitness Is All In Your Head!



Sometimes, fitness is all in your head!

In my career as a fitness and health-based sales professional, I have heard just about every excuse toward why something does not work. I came to realize early in my career that generally, it all starts with what happens out of your mouth instead of what goes into your mouth – even with a six-pack abs diet! What I’m talking about is none other than your mindset! Read further so you can see the positive and negative effects of your mindset.

Before we get into the attributes a positive mindset can provide you with, let’s look instead at the negative aspect. I have a client who I should have lost a while ago.  I should have because she requested a one-on-one consultation with me, and she completely flipped out on me. She swore everything I told her she knew from the beginning it wouldn’t work. She tried almost 30 different weight loss supplements for a bottle each, and nothing worked, and she told me she knew that already also.

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Do you see where she had a predetermined result in heard head regardless of what she put in for effort? She told herself that nothing she did or tried would help her lose weight. For anything in life, that’s something I say to my clients is “result suicide.”

The reason that is “result suicide” is that the human brain is one of the most powerful things on earth. Think about it; we created vast empires and the Great Wall of China. We also created the Atomic Bomb that annihilated Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Alternatively, you can create your guarantee’s in life with a positive mindset. An individual I read books authored by time and again is Rev. Norman Vincent Peale. He wrote one of my favorite books, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

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To show the tremendous power of that, let me tell you about something I saw on TV about 15 years ago that has stuck with me to this day. It was along the lines of a “60 Minutes” show, and it described an ordeal a mentally disabled boy had. The boy had terminal brain cancer, and he hid in a bathtub because the “cats wouldn’t stop clawing” his head. Seeing there was no hope for him, his parents put him into a hospice care idea, and he had daily meditation. Through the meditation, he imagined the “Ghost Busters” spraying their proton guns at his brain to save it from the “monster cat’s” that were clawing him. The result was complete remission, and from what I understand, he remains cancer-free.

A strong will and a positive image of where you will be led through your journey can all but guarantee those results. When you imagine something for a period of time, such as the boy I mentioned, your brain will do all it can to make that a reality. That is where the saying “just tell yourself you can” came to be. That is also something I explain to all my core strength training clients during our first session is the easiest and most clear cut way to get results when they are wondering how to get six-pack abs!

If you’re not sold on that, give it a shot and expect good results! It works for how to get six-pack abs as well as a six-pack abs diet!